Branch Manager Salary in Cornwall

The average Branch Manager salary in Cornwall is £29,964.50

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Average Salary: £29,964.50

Min: £24,000.00 Max: £47,500.00

Average Branch Manager Salary in Cornwall: £29,964.50

Min: £25,500.00 Max: £49,000.00

Average Branch Manager salary in South West: £34,611.77

Min: £28,000.00 Max: £50,000.00

Average Branch Manager salary in England: £37,348.00

Min: £25,500.00 Max: £57,240.00

Average Branch Manager salary in UK: £37,761.06

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Recommended Branch Manager Jobs in Cornwall

Interim Operations Manager


Location: Cusgarne

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: MPI Limited

To be a part of the management team you will need to meet these Role Requirements: - As Interim Operations Manager, you will have full oversight of our factory and logistics, based at our head office ......

Business Manager


Location: Liskeard

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: Biffa Ltd

We're on the hunt for a Business Manager to ensure the operation of the staff and resources employed on the Contract is fulfilled to the satisfaction of both the Client and the Company whilst ......

Salary by Region

Compare Branch Manager salaries across different regions

Region Salary
Scotland £32,702.71
Wales £37,285.67
Northern Ireland £30,382.92
East Midlands £33,953.98
Eastern £37,086.72
London £46,755.67
North East £33,866.50
North West £35,879.52
South East £38,128.66
South West £34,590.84
West Midlands £37,130.31
Yorkshire and the Humber £36,984.23