Nursery Teacher Salary

The average Nursery Teacher salary in UK is £22,317.59

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Average Salary: £22,317.59

Min: £17,382.00 Max: £36,370.00

Average Nursery Teacher Salary in UK: £22,317.59

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Recommended Nursery Teacher Jobs in UK

Customer Service Representative


Location: Wellingborough

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: Adecco

Job Hours: Full-time

Remote: Work from home

Process customer's orders accurately  Assist customers with any queries with regards to stock availability, lead time, orders and basic product information  Manage incoming calls and direct customers to the relevant department  Deal with order queries via the company process  Deal wit...Read More

Digital Analyst


Location: South East London

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: Harnham

Job Hours: Unknown

Remote: Work from home

DIGITAL ANALYST £55,000 - £65,000 CENTRAL LONDON An opportunity for a Junior Candidate to join a leading Digital Marketing agency who have recently brought in new extensive new lines of business and are ready to further their growth! Company The Digital Marketing Agency work with a variety of clie...

Early Years Practitioner


Location: Kingston Upon Thames

Salary: £24,000 - £24,000

Recruiter: Pumpkin Recruitment

Job Hours: Unknown

Early Years Practitioner Seeking a early years practitioner with either a CACHE level 2 or 3 in childcare and education or someone that has a BA degree qualification in early years education or education from either UK or overseas to work with either babies, toddlers or pre-school age group.We will...

Early Years Practitioner


Location: Westhill

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: Aberdeenshire Council

Job Hours: Unknown

Job Description A vacancy has arisen for an Early Years Practitioner to act as a member of the Early Learning and Childcare team, with full involvement in the work of the Early Level curriculum, and where appropriate the pre-Birth to Three Framework, helping to contribute to the care and education o...

Early Years Educator


Location: South East London

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: Connected Recruitment

Job Hours: Unknown

Become a valued Early Years Educator Role: Early Years Educator Location: Ealing W5 Hours: 40 hours per week Flexi Option: Option to flex your hours over 4 day week Salary: £22000-£24000 P/A Qualification: NVQ/Cache Level 3 or equivalent Why join our client? You are amazing - even if you don’t k...

Salary by Region

Compare Nursery Teacher salaries across different regions

Region Salary
Scotland £23,496.52
Wales £23,685.51
Northern Ireland £26,347.96
East Midlands £21,855.82
Eastern £20,545.27
London £23,594.01
North East £24,571.36
North West £23,253.91
South East £20,859.28
South West £20,324.31
West Midlands £22,336.42
Yorkshire and the Humber £22,436.81

Average Nursery Teacher salary

The average salary for Nursery Teacher jobs is a valuable metric for employees, employers, and candidates. The salary information can be a helpful insight when advertising jobs, making a job search, applying for jobs and negotiating salary.

Newly qualified Nursery Teacher basic salary

Newly qualified Nursery Teachers should expect to start their career with a salary that is lower than the UK average earnings for the role. It can take several years working as a Nursery Teacher to achieve the average UK salary.

Your initial per year salary may also be influenced by factors such as the region and city where you work, with London typically offering more than other major cities. Whether you work in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland will also alter the job’s average gross and net earnings.

Fully qualified Nursery Teacher salaries

Your experience level directly affects where in the salary range your earnings will fall. Senior salaries are usually achieved by those who become fully qualified in their field.

Nursery Teacher career development

In the Education industry, you might be rewarded for the number of years you have worked with the employer. However, promotions and higher pay per year cannot always be achieved by remaining in the same department or company.

Professional development and specialising in a specific area will warrant an appropriate salary increase. Still, you might need to consider setting up a job alert, making a job search, and moving to another company or department to maximise your earnings or find relevant opportunities for progression.

Nursery Teacher take home pay

In the United Kingdom, your career decisions should not be solely focused on take-home pay. Your average total compensation may include benefits that offer more value than a paycheque.

For example, health insurance, a company vehicle, part or full-time remote working, company share schemes, higher paid annual holiday days, a short commute, and maternity and paternity leave are benefits that can contribute towards your living standards, work/life balance, and job satisfaction.

Increase your annual salary with a Nursery Teacher pay rise

A pay rise can raise your earnings per year and should be compared against the Education industry average salary pay rise. Comparing your salary rise against metrics such as inflation will tell you if you will be better or worse off during the following year. It would help if you also weighed up your pay increase against the nation's cost of living increase.

If you intend to negotiate a rise above the UK average salary, you will need facts, figures, and percentages to quantify your rise. Before negotiating better pay rates, you should prepare yourself for the discussion. Bring together all the evidence that adds weight to your case for a higher salary, including the average Nursery Teacher wage, your qualifications, achievements, and recognition.

Get paid more than your job’s average base salary with further training

Further qualifications and training will help you increase your average earnings. Training options include job-relevant diplomas, A levels, and degrees. Completing a course on a specific topic, application, or equipment will also improve your earning potential.

Earn more per year with extra shifts

Working overtime is another option that will help you be paid more than an average salary for your job. If your personal circumstances and commitments allow, you could also work unsocial hours with an hourly pay rate higher than your standard hourly rate.