Average Salaries by Town and City

Explore the landscape of average salaries across the United Kingdom with our detailed guide. Our page provides a meticulous breakdown of earnings by region, county, and town, empowering you with the knowledge of financial benchmarks in various locales. Whether for career planning, salary negotiations, or personal interest, this data offers a clear view of the economic fabric of the UK, from vibrant cities to tranquil rural areas.

East Midlands Salaries. £31,000

Eastern Salaries. £32,200

Essex Salaries. £32,600

Hertfordshire Salaries. £33,800

London Salaries. £40,700

London Salaries. £40,400

North East Salaries. £30,000

North West Salaries. £31,400

Greater Manchester Salaries. £33,500

Lancashire Salaries. £30,200

South East Salaries. £31,900

Hampshire Salaries. £31,500

Kent Salaries. £30,500

South West Salaries. £30,900

Devon Salaries. £30,100

Somerset Salaries. £29,400

West Midlands Salaries. £31,100

Yorkshire and the Humber Salaries. £30,500

North Yorkshire Salaries. £29,000

West Yorkshire Salaries. £31,300