Free CV Templates

When writing your CV, remember that it is an opportunity for you to enhance your career so take time, tailor it to the position you are applying for, be honest and be proud of what you create.

Below you can access over 493 Free CV Templates. We also have detailed key criteria that you should consider when writing your CV, which will help you to generate a stand-out document.

What is a CV?

A CV is a document that people use when applying for a position and typically, it is the first thing a prospective employer will read about you; therefore it is the first impression they will have about you.

A CV allows you to summarise your skills, achievements, experience, education, hobbies and interests.

What is a CV used for?

Normally a CV will be created and shared with potential employers that you seek work with, however, there are other uses:

  • A CV can be shared with clients to provide an overview of your experience, skills and strengths.
  • You may need to prepare a CV for your current company. This is normally for an internal promotion, or for when you apply for a different position within your company.

When should a CV be updated?

The most relevant time to update your CV is when you have decided to look for a new job, or perhaps you are returning to the workplace after a period away.

Other appropriate times to refresh your CV is when you hope to gain promotion, or when you achieve something significant at work; a good example is completing a specific project.

It is good practice to update your CV at least once a year.

CV Template Examples

Browse 494 CV template examples for hints and tips to improve your CV and help you get your next job

Academic Advisor
Account Clerk
Account Collector
Account Director
Account Executive
Account Manager
Account Representative
Accounting Analyst
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Manager
Accounting Officer
Accounts Assistant
Accounts Payable Clerk
Accounts Payable Manager
Accounts Receivable
Activities Assistant
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Addiction Psychiatrist
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Manager
Administrative Officer
Administrative Secretary
Administrative Services Manager
Admissions Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising Sales Representative
Aerospace Engineer
Aircraft Mechanic
Android Developer
AngularJS Developer
Animal Breeder
Animal Caretaker
Animal Trainer
Appliance Repair Technician
Application Developers
Application Software Developer
Application Support Engineer
Appointment Setter
Architectural Engineer
Architectural Project Manager
Area Manager
Area Sales Manager
Armed Forces
Art Director
Art Teacher
Art Therapist
ASP.NET Developer
Assembly Technician
Asset Manager
Assistant Buyer
Assistant Coach
Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Manager
Audio Engineer
Audio Video Technician
Audit Manager
Auto Body Repairer
Auto Electrician
Auto Glass Technician
Auto Mechanic
AutoCAD Drafter
Automation Engineer
Automotive Technician
Avionics Technician
Back-end Developer
Bakery Assistant
Bank Teller
Banking and Insurance
Banquet Manager
Bar Manager
Beauty Advisor
Beauty Consultant
Beauty Therapist
Benefits Coordinator
Benefits Specialist
BI Developer
Bike Courier
Billing Clerk
Billing Coordinator
Boiler Operator
Branch Manager
Brand Ambassador
Brand Manager
Budget Analyst
Building Inspector
Building Surveyor
Business Administrator
Business Analyst
Business Consultant
Business Development
Business Development Consultant
Business Development Director
Business Development Executive
Business Development Manager
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Developer
Business Lawyer
Business Operations Manager
Business Systems Analyst
C Developer
Cabinet Maker
Calibration Technician
Call Centre Manager
Camera Operator
Cardiovascular Technician
Category Manager
Catering Sales Manager
Channel Manager
Chef Instructor
Chief Information Officer
Chief Nursing Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Civil Engineering Technician
Clinical Data Manager
Cloud Engineer
CNC Programmer
Collections Officer
Commercial Manager
Communications Officer
Communications Specialist
Compliance Analyst
Concrete Finisher
Concrete Labourer
Construction Coordinator
Construction Estimator
Construction Labourer
Construction Manager
Construction Superintendent
Construction Worker
Content Manager
Cost Estimator
Crane Operator
Creative Director
Creative Writer
Credit Analyst
Credit Controller
Credit Manager
Credit Specialist
Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Service Associate
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Services
Customer Success Manager
Customer Support Executive
Data Analyst
Data Collector
Data Entry Clerk
Data Entry Typist
Day Porter
Daycare Worker
Delivery Driver
Demolition Labourer
Department Manager
Development Coordinator
Digital Designer
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Producer
Director of Facilities
Director of Finance
Documentation Specialist
Dog Groomer
Duty Manager
Editor in Chief
Electrical Engineer
Endoscopy Technician
Environmental Scientist
Equipment Engineer
Event Manager
Event Planner
Events Assistant
Executive Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Executive Secretary
Exercise Physiologist
External Auditor
Facilities Management
Facilities Manager
Family Advocate
Fashion Designer
Fast Food Cashier
Fence Erector
Field Marketing Manager
File Clerk
Finance Assistant
Finance Director
Finance Manager
Financial Accountant
Financial Advisor
Financial Analyst
Financial Controller
Financial Manager
Financial Officer
Financial Planner
Financial Service Sales
Financial Specialist
Food and Beverage Manager
Framing Carpenter
Front Desk Clerk
Front of House Manager
Fundraising Manager
Funeral Service Manager
Game Designer
General Ledger Accountant
General Manager
Graphic Designer
Head of Finance
Health Insurance Agent
Heavy Equipment Operator
Hospital Registrar
Hospitality and Leisure
Hospitality Manager
Hotel Receptionist
Housing Specialist
Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Specialist
Information Technology (IT)
Insurance Advisor
Interior Designer
Inventory Clerk
Inventory Coordinator
Inventory Manager
Investment Banker
Key Holder
Kitchen Designer
Kitchen Manager
Land Surveyor
Landscape Architect
Legal Secretary
Loan Officer
Loan Processor
Mail Clerk
Mail Handler Assistant
Mail Sorter
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Planner
Maitre D
Management Accountant
Managing Director
Manual Machinist
Manufacturing Manager
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Copywriter
Marketing Executive
Marketing Manager
Material Manager
Materials Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer
Media Manager
Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Officer
Medical Scheduler
Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Writer
Membership Coordinator
Mental Health Counsellor
Metal Stud Framer
Motion Graphics Designer
Multimedia Designer
National Account Manager
Network Manager
Office Administration
Office Administrator
Office Manager
Operations Analyst
Operations Assistant
Operations Manager
Operations Research Analyst
Package Handler
Packaging Operator
Packaging Technician
Paediatric Nurse
Parking Attendant
Pattern Maker
Payroll Administrator
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Manager
Payroll Officer
Personal Assistant
Personal Banker
Personal Care
Personal Executive Assistant
Pharmacy Manager
Physical Education Teacher
Piping Designer
Portfolio Manager
Practice Manager
Procurement Analyst
Procurement Specialist
Product Designer
Product Marketing Manager
Production Assistant
Production Coordinator
Professional Services
Programme Analyst
Programme Manager
Project Accountant
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
Property Accountant
Psychiatric Technician
Public Relations Specialist
Public Relationship Manager
Public Sector
Purchasing Clerk
Quality Assurance Specialist
Quality Auditor
Quality Control Analyst
Quality Control Manager
Quality Manager
Quantitative Analyst
Quantity Surveyor
Real Estate Paralegal
Recreational Therapist
Recruitment Consultant
Regional Manager
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Relationship Banker
Relationship Manager
Release Manager
Reporting Analyst
Research Assistant
Residential Advisor
Restaurant Manager
Risk Analyst
Risk Manager
Safety Coordinator
Safety Manager
Safety Officer
Sales Associate
Sales Manager
Sales Support Administrator
Sales Support Specialist
School Social Worker
Screen Printer
Security Guard
Service Coordinator
Service Delivery Manager
Service Manager
Sheet Metal Worker
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Site Manager
Site Supervisor
Social Care
Social Media Assistant
Social Media Manager
Social Worker
Software Developer
Software Development Manager
Solutions Architect
Sous Chef
Spa Manager
Strategic Planner
Studio Manager
Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Planner
Support Worker
Switchboard Operator
Talent Director
Tax Preparer
Tax Specialist
Teaching Assistant
Team Leader
Technical Account Manager
Technical Project Manager
Test Technician
Tour Manager
Tow Truck Driver
Traffic Coordinator
Traffic Marshall
Transportation and Logistics
Travel Consultant
Treasury Analyst
Treasury Assistant
Treasury Manager
TV Producer
Video Editor
Video Game Designer
Visual Designer
Volunteer Manager
Warehouse Operator
Wealth Manager
Web Developer
Wedding Consultant
Wedding Planner

What sections should be in CV?

CVs typically adhere to the following structure and include:

  • Personal Information
  • Profile Overview / Personal Statement
  • Key Career Achievements
  • Employment History 
  • Education / Qualifications
  • Interests / Hobbies
  • References

How to start a CV

Start with personal information; this should include:

Contact information

You do not need to include your address, however, do share the town or city in which you live.

For many jobs, it may help if you include how far you are prepared to travel, or whether you are willing to relocate.

You do not need to include your home telephone number, but it is recommended that you leave a mobile number and email address for a recruiter or line manager to contact you.

It’s widely regarded as less important to include information about your status - whether you have children, your date of birth and if you hold a driving licence. However, if you feel that it will help your application, then include any information that you feel is pertinent.


If you speak more than 1 language, and you feel it is relevant, then include your language skills. For many positions, speaking several languages may be an advantage.

Social Links

If you have social media pages that are relevant to the job you are applying for, and which are appropriate to share, then you may wish to include links to your social media pages.

What should be included in a CV?

Profile or Personal Statement

Many people choose to include a personal statement after their personal information. You might like to write a short description of yourself – perhaps explaining why you have chosen to follow the career path that you have, or what you would like to achieve in the future.  This overview can be adapted to fit the role you are applying for, and you can tailor your skill set to the position you are applying for.

It’s important not to write too much, but to be concise, positive and balanced.

Key Achievements 

When writing your CV, you need to grab the reader’s attention. Some people aren’t comfortable being boastful, so be careful - choose what you wish to include carefully to ensure you set the right tone.

When sharing key achievements, you need to choose examples of work that you are proud of and mention points of interest that are suitable for the audience. Consider the company, the job and the industry.

Employment History

Your most recent/current role is of most relevance to a prospective employer, so that’s where you need to start.

Detail the dates of employment, provide information about the role/s you held within the company and include your job title.

If you held several positions within one company, you should list the job title and dates of each position and indicate whether these were promotions or a change of career direction within the company.

Highlight any experience in previous positions that is most relevant to the job you are applying for.

List your main responsibilities, the skills required for the position and pick out some achievements whilst in that role.

Employment Gaps

If you have any gaps in employment, for whatever reason, you should indicate what you were doing in this period. For example, include a statement like, ‘raising my family’, ‘unemployed’, ‘studying’, ‘travelling’ etc. If a prospective employer wants more information, they will ask you at the interview stage, so be prepared for that.

How many years of employment history should you include?

Depending on how many companies you have worked for, and for how many years you have been working, you may have a very long list of previous employment. The accepted rule of thumb is to provide detailed information (as above) for the last 10 years of employment. Some choose not to include any employment history at all beyond that, whilst others choose to list their older employment history very briefly.

Education and Qualifications

Starting with your most recent qualifications and/or education, detail your education and professional qualifications, including grades achieved.

You may choose to provide lots of detail if a specific qualification is particularly relevant to the position you are applying for, and therefore decide to place the education sector above work history.

If you have limited work experience, your education is more relevant, so this is a good example of when education should be placed below your personal information.

Hobbies and Interests

You can make your CV more compelling by sharing further insight about yourself, and a good way to achieve that is by sharing information on your pastimes.  Be thoughtful about your choices and include something that is relevant to the position you are applying for, or something that demonstrates your dedication and commitment. For example, competing in triathlons might illustrate some of your positive characteristics and demonstrate your motivated and committed character and these will be of interest to a future employer.

Remember, however, that what you may find interesting about yourself may not be of interest to a potential employer, so be careful not to distract the reader’s focus away from your strengths and suitability for the position.