About Us

Welcome to Check-a-Salary, where your career's vibrant tapestry meets the robust database of UK salaries!

Launched with passion in 2017, we've been on an exhilarating journey, collecting and analysing salary information from job boards across every nook and cranny of the UK. But here's the twist: our data isn't just any ordinary numbers game. Drawing from a myriad of sources - government databases, company career pages, and a vast expanse of job boards - we ensure that our insights are as unbiased as they are comprehensive.

Every day, our platform buzzes with activity, capturing millions of data points and refreshing our database to ensure you always have access to the most up-to-date information. From bustling towns to major cities and expansive regions, we dig deep, providing salary insights specific to your locale. Whether you're fresh on the job market or boasting years of experience, our platform caters to every industry and every level of expertise. 

For our diligent job seekers, the allure of over 200,000 jobs awaits at any given moment. With thousands of job adverts scattered across our site, our job alert service sifts through hundreds of job sites, ensuring you never miss out on your dream opportunity. To add a cherry on top, we're proud to house over 2,000 CV templates and have established solid partnerships for CV reviews.

And for everyone navigating the maze of career progression, our sector-specific career advice is here to guide, inspire, and empower.

At Check-a-Salary, we're not just about numbers; we're about unlocking potential, nurturing ambitions, and championing informed decisions. Dive in, and let's chart a course for your brighter tomorrow!

Meet Our Team

At Check-a-Salary, our strength lies in the collective expertise of our dedicated professionals.

Our Co-Founder: Daniel Aldridge

Daniel is driven by the conviction that comprehensive salary data should be accessible to everyone, ensuring empowered and informed career decisions at every stage. From fresh graduates to those contemplating a job switch or relocation, Daniel advocates for arming individuals with this vital knowledge to foster smarter choices.

Our Co-Founder: Neil Hagger

With a rich experience spanning over two decades in recruitment, Neil's passion for CV excellence is palpable. Witnessing countless subpar CVs has motivated him to champion the creation of bespoke CVs tailored for sector-specific roles. While Neil encourages innovative approaches to make candidates stand out, he remains a staunch believer in maintaining universally relatable CV formats.

Our Director: Joel Aldridge

Having perused an immense volume of job adverts, Joel is on an unwavering mission to guide companies towards enhancing the calibre and quantity of their applicant pool. He fervently promotes the inclusion of salary details in job adverts and emphasises weaving in a company's ethos and optimistic job perspectives to attract top talent.

Our Head Of Software Development: Jonathan Rawlins

Jonathan's insights reveal the undeniable impact of salary inclusions in job adverts on their efficacy. Noting the rarity of salary details in certain job types, he is resolute in providing candidates with market benchmarks. This determines their worth and offers a solid foundation during salary negotiations.

Our Account Manager: Debby Burchill

Debby thrives on collaborating with businesses to enhance their job advert potential. She takes pride in assisting clients in discerning optimal salaries based on location and job type, ensuring they attract the crème de la crème of candidates.

Our Salary And Career Advice Content Writer: Michael Brown

With an impressive 17-year writing stint, Michael is dedicated to producing content that seamlessly merges exhaustive research with actionable insights. Tackling hot topics like salaries, job searches, CVs, and career evolution, he ensures the collective wisdom of the team permeates our content, resonating with and enlightening our readers.