• By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 25 th April 2024

Balancing Act: Supporting Work-Life Balance for Industrial Workers

If you’re trying to attract job seekers, you might be worried about how you’re going to support them to have the best work/life balance possible. If this is the case and you work within an industry such as manufacturing or construction, here are some of the top steps that you can take for your employees to ensure that they have the best quality of life as they possibly can.

Find Great Accommodation for Them

Construction and manufacturing companies don’t always offer their staff the best accommodation options and this can be off-putting to potential job seekers. Accommodation can often be unsafe, unhygienic, and noisy, and can feel entirely different from a real home.

To make sure that your workers can spend time by themselves and relax after work in a comfortable environment, you should consider looking at contractor accommodation services by Comfy Workers. This service can allow you to find the best accommodation options that are out there and will enable your staff to live in places that feel like their own spaces. This will encourage them to lead their own lives outside of their working hours.

Introduce Flexible Shift Work

You should also consider introducing flexible shift work for your employees. This shift work can allow them to work shorter hours whenever they’re available. Not only this, but it’s easier to create flexible schedules with shift work. You might ask your contractors and employees for their availability and then create timetables around their lives.

By doing this, you’ll be encouraging them to prioritise their lives outside of work and will be giving them more control over when they work and for how long. This might also free them up to take on training opportunities, and you might even find that many potential employees are looking for jobs that offer shift work.

Encourage Days Off

It’s also important to encourage your employees to take days off. Many employees leave their holiday leave until the last minute, when they might then be forced to take it off in bulk. Instead of letting them get away with working every minute under the sun, you should encourage your staff to take the time off that they need, especially if they seem to be struggling with working 9 until 5. You could also help them to take time off by running wellness schemes that can allow them to find new hobbies and interests that they might want to pursue outside work. For instance, you might offer your team members a free gym membership or discounts on days out.

Enforce Breaks

You should also enforce breaks within the workplace. These breaks will ensure that your team members can spend some time resting and rejuvenating before they need to get on with their working day.

This can prevent them from sustaining an injury or making human errors due to being tired. They might use this time to socialise, catch up with friends and relatives, or even complete some life admin. You may also catch people taking walks, reading, making something artistic, journalling, or playing the games that they’ve been looking forward to playing all day.


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