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  • Posted Friday 17th December 2021

How to Write an Impressive CV for a Job Hunt?

Job Seekers Can Use a Professional CV to Land a Job Interview An impressive CV can make an impact on a potential employer and help a job seeker land a job interview with the company of his or her choice. A resume is the one opportunity that job seekers have to showcase their skills and experience ...

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  • Posted Friday 26th November 2021

How to write a CV?

In today's world, it's hard to underestimate the need for such a document as a resume (CV). It is your presentation, expressed in text, what exactly you will be met by a potential employer. There are several important points to keep in mind when writing your CV....

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  • Posted Sunday 17th November 2019

How To Write a Personal Statement

Some positions you apply for, and some of the companies you will interact with, will use a standard job application form in order to obtain the same information from all candidates.  Candidates can then be evaluated using the same criteria. ...

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  • Posted Sunday 15th September 2019

How To Complete A Successful Job Application Form in 4 Steps

Whilst some positions you apply for will require you to submit your CV with a covering letter / email, many companies will ask you to complete a standard application form.  Some companies (often larger companies with a high volume of applications or those filling graduate positions) prefer thei...

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  • Posted Sunday 08th September 2019

Cover letter structure: 6 essential steps

Writing about yourself can be tough, but it’s essential during a job search. Your CV is where you explain your job history, skills and qualifications, but your cover letter gives you room to elaborate on the important details, and explain why you’re the ideal person for the job. ...

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  • Posted Tuesday 21st May 2019

15+ Ultimate CV Tips

So you’ve decided to look for a new job, or perhaps you are returning to the workplace after a period away.  Whatever your reasons, you will need a CV in order to apply for a position....