How To Pass Your Probation Period
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Friday 28 th September 2018

How to pass your probation period

According to industry estimates, almost one in every five new employees fails to live up to expectations during their probation period. The simple truth is that employees on probation are scrutinised and are therefore in the’ danger zone’.

Now comes the question - how do you ensure that you pass your probation?

What Is A Probationary Period?

Most organisations across the world, including the United Kingdom, will expect you to clear a probationary period when you take employment with them. This ‘trial period’ usually lasts between one and six months which is considered enough time for both the employee and the employer to decide if the job is the right fit for you both.

  • Strategies For Passing Your Probation Period: There are many things you can do to excel and shine during your probation period; whether you are an entirely new starter or have been put on probation for a particular reason.
  • Making A Great First Impression: Believe it or not, the first impression still counts! We all knowingly or unknowingly look for positive vibes and ideas from the people we meet, the people we work with and newly-hired employees are no exception. Therefore, it is essential for you to take this aspect very seriously. It is always a good strategy to ask questions beforehand if you don't have a complete and fair understanding of a task or project assigned to you, rather than performing the work in the wrong way in the absence of complete information.
  • Measure Your Progress: It is essential for you to have complete clarity about what you are expected to do and what you should avoid. For this, it is best to carefully read and understand your employment terms and conditions and the probationary policy of the organisation. This will assist you to stay focused on the goals throughout and measure your performance and progress accordingly.
  • When You Are Given an Opportunity, Grab it with Both Hands:You are expected to clear the probation period with flying colours to become an indispensable member of the team and the organisation. For this, you can seek out challenges and opportunities that can help you emerge as someone who can perform ‘above and beyond’ tasks and projects.
  • Build A Strong Network: You will find it easier to share knowledge, more comfortable to collaborate, learn about different things, pass on suggestions and have constructive feedback about your work and progress. It is best to avoid office politics and gossips.
  • Look After Yourself: There is no denying the fact that being on probation can be one of the most stressful parts of employment. Therefore, it is essential that you must take good care of yourself so that your performance is not affected in any way.


It is crucial for you to take regular screen breaks as this will keep your mind centred and sharp. It will boost you in every way. It is equally essential for you to take feedback, complaints, suggestions or criticisms gracefully and act upon them immediately.



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