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  • Posted Tuesday 21 st May 2024

Why you should seek an immigration lawyer to land skilled employment in the UK

In today’s increasingly complex immigration landscape, securing skilled employment in the UK can feel like navigating a maze. With regulations tightening and loopholes decreasing, it’s more crucial than ever to have expert guidance on your side.

The UK’s Home Office recently enforced a string of new wage thresholds for skilled workers, requiring most individuals to secure employment worth £38,700 a year or more to secure a visa. There are some instances where this may be lower - if you work in a critical sector or you're undertaking professional training, for instance. But note that these thresholds aren’t just relevant to you, the skilled professional. They also involve any dependents you may wish to take to the UK, since the threshold for family visas has also risen. The reason being that the UK government aims to ensure those families who do move here for work can be financially supported.

If you’re considering moving to live and work in the UK in a skilled profession, you may consider enlisting the help of UK immigration lawyers. Solicitors such as Reiss Edwards can act as a personal navigator, guiding clients through the visa application process from start to finish. Below, we’ll explore the main benefits of employing immigration lawyers to accelerate your new role in the UK.

Experts on the latest laws and regulations

Immigration lawyers are specialists in their field. They have an unrivalled knowledge of the UK’s immigration laws and regulations. They’re also tasked with keeping abreast of the latest changes and developments, ensuring clients always receive accurate and reliable advice during the visa application process.

The consequences of getting a skilled worker visa application wrong can be severe. Whether it’s outright refusals, deportations or even bans on entering the UK. An immigration lawyer can help you to minimise the risk of legal issues down the line.

Increase your chances of application success

Immigration lawyers take a time-honoured approach to visa applications for their clients. They know what a successful visa application looks like. They can assess your eligibility, identify any potential issues or obstacles and advise you on the best course of action to maximise your chances of success.

For those already working overseas while seeking employment in the UK, it can be hard to juggle a visa application alongside work and family commitments. Immigration lawyers can lighten the load, taking the strain to help you focus on other practical aspects of your potential move to the UK.

Experienced in handling complex cases

Any skilled worker or family visa applications which involve complex or unusual circumstances can be difficult to negotiate. Immigration lawyers will have seen it all. Whether it’s previous visa refusals or legal issues, immigration solicitors can offer invaluable and impartial advice.
They’ll know precisely the documents required to meet thresholds and benchmarks and comply with the latest UK immigration frameworks.

Access to additional support networks

As experts in the industry, immigration solicitors can also tap into a plethora of resources and support networks to further enhance their clients’ chances of success. Whether it’s language support or accommodation services, they can connect you to the people you need to enjoy a smooth transition to live and work in the UK.


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