Armed Forces Salaries

Average Salary: £28,915.13

Min: £21,656.00 Max: £53,271.00

Average Armed Forces Salary in UK: £28,915.13

The average Armed Forces salary is £28,915. Working in Armed Forces you can earn between £21,656 and £53,271.

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The UK's Armed Forces consist of 150,000 regulars, and the reserves and other personnel bring this number up to almost 200,000. There are hundreds of different careers within the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy, making it one of the most diverse sectors to join.

You might start your military career as a soldier, engineer, mechanic, pilot, doctor, or musician. Qualifications are needed for certain jobs, but even without these, the army will help you build a successful career and move up the ranks. Some roles are open to everyone, while others have age restrictions.

Your salary will be greatly affected by the role, risks, or the qualification needed to complete the role. The army offers apprenticeships, graduate entry schemes, and sponsorships for undergraduates, so you could begin your career in the low, mid, or upper salary levels.

An armoured assault vehicle crew member who has undergone training and has experience typically earns £16,300 per year. Leadership roles and those that require a degree offer significantly more.

Core responsibilities in Armed Forces

You will primarily be responsible for the UK's security and safety, either directly or through a supporting role. Your responsibilities might include combat, peacekeeping, providing humanitarian aid, nursing injured soldiers, or cooking for a platoon.

There are many opportunities to work in logistics, vehicle maintenance, or HR. From gathering intelligence to working with dogs and horses, your responsibilities greatly depend on the field you move into. As your career progresses, you will likely find yourself in a leadership role.

What to expect from a career in Armed Forces

To begin a career in the Armed Forces, you will often be required to commit to a minimum length of service, from 3.5 to six years. You will first be enrolled in a pre-commissioning course of 44 weeks or more. 

If you wish to be a part of the UK's Armed Service but cannot work in a full-time position, there are opportunities for you. Part-time opportunities exist in the RAF reserves, army reserves, and Royal Navy maritime reserves.

You should expect to be working unusual hours, and you may be posted at a base, in the UK, or overseas.

Core Armed Forces skills

The best opportunities exist for those who earn a university degree in science, engineering, maths, technology, or healthcare. You will need to be fit and healthy, courageous, respectful, and disciplined. Integrity and the ability to work in a team is vital, and you should be keen to learn new practical skills every step of the way.

If you are passionate about the UK, helping others, and have a drive towards adventure, then a career in the Armed Forces could be your calling.

Armed Forces Salaries by Region

Compare Armed Forces salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £26,607.46
Eastern £29,254.12
London £42,861.44
North East £26,087.29
North West £26,469.43
Northern Ireland £27,925.45
Scotland £29,831.03
South East £27,412.06
South West £27,487.24
Wales £25,736.57
West Midlands £26,780.60
Yorkshire and the Humber £27,606.72