Environmental Salaries

Average Salary: £33,868.09

Min: £20,000.00 Max: £59,259.00

Average Environmental Salary in UK: £33,868.09

The average Environmental salary is £33,868. Working in Environmental you can earn between £20,000 and £59,259.

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A career in the environmental sector offers an opportunity to work in some of the most diverse areas and specialist companies. Environmental agencies in the public sector, private environmental corporations, and sustainable businesses are always looking for talented and motivated individuals.

With everything from working in conservation to environmental science jobs and waste management and air quality control, the environmental sector gives you the chance to carry out some interesting work while helping the planet.

The average environmental salary varies on the industry and business sector. Working as an environmental planner can give you a salary of £49,000. A water treatment plant operator can expect to earn around £25,300 while working in research and development or for large private organisations can attract very high earnings.

You may wish to go into a certain sector of conservational science or work in corporate social responsibility, and the pay structure will vary depending on the type of organisation you are working for and the work involved.

Core responsibilities in Environmental

As an environmental career is varied and covers many subjects, your responsibilities will depend on the environmental sector you choose. Your working day can be very different from one company to the next. Working as an environmental agency inspector will see you visiting many sites to monitor and control environmental impact. 

You can choose a sustainable or renewable energy role, in which case you may be working on implementing new energy technology or producing new solutions that have minimal impact on the planet.

What to expect from a career in Environmental

Careers in the environmental sector can call for working in all weather conditions, with some office-based work. Jobs range from practical hands-on roles that are physically demanding to working in a consultant capacity.

You may work at a specific plant or have to travel to multiple locations, including worldwide travel for some projects. Working in environmental sciences can involve a lot of research and many roles can demand a lot of time and may require you to work outside of normal working hours.

Core Environmental skills

You will need relevant practical and technical skills for the environmental job you want. Apprenticeships and environmental graduate programs are available while some jobs can provide the majority of training and education as you work.

Working in the environmental sector will mean you have an interest in sustainability and environmental issues. Good team-working skills and physical fitness is essential for some jobs and a general business awareness or management experience can also be beneficial.

If you are looking for an interesting and rewarding career with exciting new opportunities, then you will find it with an environmental career.

Environmental Salaries by Region

Compare Environmental salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £32,486.25
Eastern £32,507.80
London £39,987.55
North East £30,051.51
North West £34,520.21
Northern Ireland £29,491.72
Scotland £34,910.19
South East £33,517.58
South West £32,679.77
Wales £31,339.78
West Midlands £33,026.86
Yorkshire and the Humber £30,531.53