Office Administration Salaries

Average Salary: £24,889.22

Min: £18,182.00 Max: £42,488.00

Average Office Administration Salary in UK: £24,889.22

The average Office Administration salary is £24,889. Working in Office Administration you can earn between £18,182 and £42,488.

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Office administration jobs can involve working in companies of various sizes and across many different industries. Most businesses have an office component that will require multiple roles to manage the company office’s day-to-day running.

As there are thousands of organisations that need office support staff, you will find an ideal role. You can choose from entry-level positions as an office admin assistant or look at administration management roles with more responsibilities.

The office administration salary will vary depending on your experience, your responsibilities within the role, and the size of the company.  An office and administrative support job can attract a salary of around £25,800.

As you gain experience and your job responsibilities increase, you can expect your salary to increase too. An administration manager will earn £26,800 rising up to £43,200 and more in large operations.

Core responsibilities in Office Administration

Office administration jobs involve various duties that cover overseeing the functions of the office and often managing others. You will be responsible for answering calls, replying to emails, and greeting visitors to the company.

Primary responsibilities will include organising the office paperwork and files, dealing with correspondence, and ensuring office equipment runs efficiently. You may also need to process payroll and arrange travel for executives.

What to expect from a career in Office Administration

Careers can start at an entry-level and there are also graduate office administration jobs available. You will be working in an office environment, and you may be required to manage other people. The daily workload can vary according to the business you are working in and the size of the organisation.

Office administration jobs usually stick to set hours, although additional work may be required during busy periods.

The working day may follow a similar routine and you will need to be efficient and adaptable. There can be a lot of different processes involved in the various office tasks, so you will need to be able to work to guidelines and regulations.

Core Office Administration skills

You should possess excellent organisational skills and have excellent attention to detail. The many aspects of the business will have paperwork that flows through the office, so you need to good at handling many different things and dealing with people of all levels.

If you are interested in a role that will make the most of your organisational skills, office administration is the career path to choose.

Office Administration Salaries by Region

Compare Office Administration salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £22,525.40
Eastern £24,289.57
London £32,142.67
North East £22,656.31
North West £23,493.80
Northern Ireland £21,956.21
Scotland £24,685.67
South East £24,803.65
South West £23,500.82
Wales £22,683.17
West Midlands £24,031.43
Yorkshire and the Humber £22,572.67