Professional Services Salaries

Average Salary: £42,523.72

Min: £22,029.00 Max: £83,054.00

Average Professional Services Salary in UK: £42,523.72

The average Professional Services salary is £42,524. Working in Professional Services you can earn between £22,029 and £83,054.

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Professional services careers cover a lot of different roles. Generally, it is an organisation that offers services to support other businesses. It can range from accounting and investment banking to consultation across various industries to tax services.

Careers include working in banking and auditing to technology consultations, administration, and other services to help companies with various business aspects.

There is a high demand for people across all professional services industries. You will be able to find a suitable role for your qualifications and areas of interest.

Your education and experience will dictate the professional service job that most suits you. A technical consultant can earn around £57,700 and much higher.

If you want to work in the financial or auditing services, you will need relevant qualifications. An auditor can earn around £44,400, while an investment banker working with one of the country’s top financial firms will make significantly more.

Core responsibilities in Professional Services

Your responsibilities will depend on which sector you choose. The main areas of professional services are finance and banking, advisory, or consultation services. Whichever role you choose, you will be working with businesses of all sizes with advice on your specialist area to help them achieve their business goals.

Work can vary across industry sectors, so you may be responsible for financial consulting or working with manufacturers on refining processes. As a consultant, you will visit client premises, assess their needs, and advise on things they can do to improve their business practices. 

What to expect from a career in Professional Services

The demands of a professional services role suit those who like to work hard and have excellent attention to detail. You will more than likely be working with others, either in a team or through meetings and consultations. Communication, organisation, research, and commercial acumen will all be an essential part of the job.

A professional service career can take many forms, and the excellent choice of roles draws many people to the industry.

Core Professional Services skills

A career in professional services is perfect if you thrive in dynamic environments and enjoy building professional relationships. Working in financial services will require some industry-specific qualifications. Professional services graduate programs open up career paths in various industries, and there are jobs with apprenticeship-style training.

If you are solution-driven and love solving problems, a career in professional services will give you the challenge you are searching for.

Professional Services Salaries by Region

Compare Professional Services salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £37,936.78
Eastern £37,900.99
London £52,780.02
North East £34,461.37
North West £40,443.28
Northern Ireland £30,991.87
Scotland £41,241.14
South East £41,418.55
South West £38,139.26
Wales £34,795.35
West Midlands £38,823.40
Yorkshire and the Humber £37,141.20