Engine Assembler Salary

The average Engine Assembler salary in UK is £23,149.51

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Salary Group: Assembler

Engine Assembler Job Description Summary

Engine Assemblers construct, assemble and rebuild machines such as engines, turbines and similar equipment used in industries like construction, extraction, textiles and paper manufacturing

Average Salary: £23,149.51

Min: £18,138.00 Max: £36,973.00

Average Engine Assembler Salary in UK: £23,149.51

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Engine Builder


Location: Peterborough

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: New Street Consulting Group (NSCG)

\n\n Engine Builder \n\n \n\nRadical Sportscars is the world's largest manufacturer and constructor of dedicated track-day and racing cars, with a global customer base of owner-drivers supported by dealers in over 20 territories. The Company also comprises successful Precision Engineering and Engine...

Salary by Region

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Region Salary
East Midlands £18,015.64
Eastern £19,237.80
South East £29,753.54
West Midlands £18,349.62