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  • Posted Thursday 26 th August 2021

Ten Highest Paid Jobs Working From Home

Working from home has long been an attractive career choice for many professionals. Remote working has become a more viable and needed option during the pandemic, and salary expectations are reflected in the role, more so than the fact that the job is performed from home. The highest-paid jobs are attained by professionals who have specific and desirable skills or qualifications.

Here we reveal the ten highest-paying jobs working from home for those wishing to begin or progress their careers.

1. Nutritionist

What does the job entail? Nutritionists can work across a wide range of areas such as research, public health, and education. They might work with clients, identifying their dietary restrictions or requirements based on medical conditions and healthy food choices. They could create personalised meal plans, set goals, or educate the public or other health specialists.

Why can this job be done from home? Nutritionists can work from home, usually with the assistance of a computer and dedicated office space. Conferencing software, such as Zoom, facilitates meeting clients and work colleagues remotely, but some face-to-face meetings might be required.

What qualifications do they need? Nutritionists need a degree in nutritional science, dietetics, or another relevant field such as human physiology or biochemistry.

Who is this job for? Anyone with an education or background in human, animal, or sports dietary health that enjoys helping clients live a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists usually possess excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

High salary for nutritionist jobs: £105,200

2. Hedge Fund Manager

What does the job entail? A hedge fund manager is responsible for overseeing a hedge fund, making investment decisions, and making investments for their clients. Investment analysis, meeting clients, and building investment models are part of the role. They typically work for private equity firms, banks, or asset managers.

Why can this job be done from home? Hedge fund manager duties are computer-based but require a professional home office for online video conferencing with clients or their company. A private or employer-provided VPN is a security-essential.

What qualifications do they need? Hedge fund managers require a degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration.

Who is this job for? The hedge fund manager role is ideal for candidates who have high levels of confidence, intellect, interpersonal skills, and financial acumen.

High salary for fund manager jobs: £114,800

3. Competition Lawyer

What does the job entail? A competition lawyer works within UK and EU law and advises companies on fair market competition, company mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions. They provide advice on agreements, handle client conduct investigations, and defend claims at competition tribunals.

Why can this job be done from home? Work can be conducted on a work-only device that may be subjected to investigation by competition law authorities.

What qualifications do they need? Competition lawyers need a degree in law.

Who is this job for? Competition lawyer jobs are available to qualified individuals with at least five years of experience practicing commercial law.

High salary for competition lawyer jobs: £98,200

4. IT Director

What does the job entail? IT directors are responsible for a company’s IT infrastructure and its day-to-day management. An IT director manages the IT team as business needs are met through the development of technical projects and systems. 

Why can this job be done from home? The role is computer-based with leadership and management duties possible over conferencing software and cloud-based collaboration tools.

What qualifications do they need? IT directors usually hold an IT-related degree such as computer science or computer engineering.

Who is this job for? IT director roles are ideal for professionals with technical knowledge coupled with leadership, communication, collaboration, and financial skills.

High salary for IT director jobs: £95,400

5. Stockbroker

What does the job entail? Stockbrokers manage clients’ financial portfolios, buying and selling stocks and shares. Their clients may be companies or individuals, and a stockbroker’s responsibilities include financial market research, reporting, and analysis.

Why can this job be done from home? A stockbroker can perform their duties using a computer and telephone. 

What qualifications do they need? Stockbrokers need a degree or postgraduate qualification and need to be registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Who is this job for? The stockbroker job is a good match for self-motivated and competitive individuals with an analytical mind and the ability to thrive under pressure.

High salary for stockbroker jobs: £86,800

6. Scala Software Developer

What does the job entail? A Scala software developer is responsible for developing, designing, and testing concepts and technical solutions through enterprise applications. Working with Scala programming code, they are part of the IT team.

Why can this job be done from home? You can build Scala programs using your web browser or backend tools such as Scala Native, Typelevel Scala, or Scala.js.

What qualifications do they need? To work as a Scala Software Developer, you will need a degree in an IT-related field, such as computer science.

Who is this job for? Individuals with a minimum of four years of experience as a software engineer.

High salary for Scala software developer jobs: £87,100

7. Head Of Finance

What does the job entail? The head of finance is responsible for assessing investment risks, financial forecasting, regulation compliance, and the accounting activities of their organisation. They set targets, audit financial processes, maintain investor relationships, and report to senior executives.

Why can this job be done from home? Work can be completed using a secure internet connection; however, occasional visits to the office are often a job requirement.

What qualifications do they need? To become a head of finance, you will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance or accounting.

Who is this job for? The head of finance role requires a broad knowledge of financial, accounting, and business principles. Individuals with sound IT, management, maths, and people skills, thrive in this position.

High salary for head of finance jobs: £83,700

8. Security Architect

What does the job entail? A security architect's duties include reviewing system security measures and making improvement recommendations. They investigate system security breaches and prepare disaster recovery plans in businesses of all sizes.

Why can this job be done from home? Online cybersecurity tools and software are used to perform tasks such as ethical hacking.

What qualifications do they need? Security architects need a degree in computer science or an IT-related field.

Who is this job for? Professionals with a solid understanding of IT risk, security, reliability, and performance are a fit for this role.

High salary for security architect jobs: £84,100

9. Avionics Engineer

What does the job entail? Avionics engineers design and develop aircraft, satellites, missiles, spacecraft, or instrumentation. Their duties include researching flight safety and electronic navigation system problems, testing, and creating remedial solutions.

Why can this job be done from home? The duties of an avionics engineer are primarily conducted using performance and systems software.

What qualifications do they need? An avionics engineer needs a degree in aviation engineering, electrical engineering, or aerospace engineering.

Who is this job for? Avionics engineers should have excellent computer, technical, and engineering knowledge, with soft skills such as problem-solving and ideation.

High salary for avionics engineer jobs: £81,600

10. Quantitative Analyst

What does the job entail? Quantities analysts apply statistical and mathematical methodologies to solve financial and risk management problems. They implement and develop models that help companies make business and financial decisions.

Why can this job be done from home? The tasks that a quantitative analyst completes are computer-based and involve electronic trading, research, and analysis.

What qualifications do they need? Quantitative analysts need a finance-related degree.

Who is this job for? The quantitative analyst role is a good fit for individuals who hold advanced computer skills and are familiar with big data processing, machine learning, and database management.

High salary for quantitative analyst jobs: £83,000


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