Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

Do you ever wonder what the highest paid jobs are, and whether you could earn more if you lived somewhere else in the UK? Do you consider at what stage you are in your career, and reflect upon the most you could earn in your industry? Are you intrigued about other industries and curious about what you can earn doing a similar or different job?

Below are 4 areas of key criteria that influence becoming a high earner


Jobs in London, and other major cities, normally command higher salaries than similar positions in smaller cities or towns. However, it’s worth noting that living in a city, or commuting into one, is very expensive.  So whilst pursuing a job in a city or large town might appeal because of the high remuneration on offer, it may not necessarily translate to you actually having more money once you have factored in your travel costs.

When considering whether you wish to take a job with a high salary, you need to consider whether the balance of commuting or the high living cost of that area is a sacrifice that you are prepared to make.


It is widely known that as we get older, we gain more experience, and with more experience and knowledge, we are able to command a higher salary.

School leavers starting out in the world of employment can expect to be some of the lowest-paid employees, given their lack of experience. University leavers can hope to earn more, due to their extensive education. When in the early stages of your career you should consider making ‘career investments.’ To invest in your career, you may consider seeking some form of work experience in a sector that appeals to you. This can be unpaid, part-time or working in an internship.

Doing this work will help you to gain experience, and give you a good start in your career; hopefully, these foundations set you on the path to becoming a high earner.

When we reach our 30s we should see our earnings improve. With good experience and relevant success behind us, possibly combined with training and qualifications, we should start to reap the rewards of our hard-work and previous career commitments.

Employees aged 40-49 are some of the best paid because they have, by this age, racked up a good 15 years + experience.

Of course, age isn’t always the major factor in how much someone earns. High performing people, regardless of their age, can become a high earner much earlier in their career.  Industries such as the financial sector can see employees realise huge earning potential at a young age.

Skillset and Education

The more qualifications you have, or the better educated you are, generally the more higher-paid jobs you are qualified for. Having a relevant degree for your industry may sometimes be a prerequisite, and it will also serve you well by putting you ahead of the competition.

To continue working in a high paid job it is important to keep your skills up to date and relevant. One of the most effective ways to ensure your salary increases steadily as you get older is to specialise within your industry. Having a specialist skill-set will improve your salary prospects and help you to become, and stay, a high earner.

Occupation / Industry

Different industries will have different requirements when it comes to education and skills. A job within the medical profession, or in the legal industry, will have very comprehensive requirements for job-seekers and it is common for jobs in this sector to be some of the highest paid jobs. 

Certain industries like construction, energy and marketing, have seen a boom over the last few years, so working in one of these growth areas may also provide you with increased earning potential.

Highest Paying Cities

Cities ranked by highest Average Salary

Location Salary
London £41,582.46
Reading £36,510.51
Birmingham £34,297.03
Edinburgh £32,684.02
Leeds £32,567.38
Glasgow £31,269.08
Cardiff £30,732.03
Belfast £30,423.46
Nottingham £30,103.27
Newcastle upon Tyne £29,962.52
Liverpool £29,658.73
Coventry £29,477.24
Leicester £28,688.13
Sheffield £28,478.13
Bradford £28,260.48
Sunderland £27,572.60
Wakefield £27,448.51

Highest Paying Region

Regions ranked by highest average salary

Location Salary
London £41,582.46
Isle of Man £33,940.91
South East £30,443.47
Eastern £28,846.85
North West £28,846.78
West Midlands £28,619.39
Scotland £28,380.67
Yorkshire and the Humber £27,645.78
South West £27,617.84
Wales £27,021.04
East Midlands £26,876.65
Northern Ireland £26,570.02
North East £26,315.38