Arts Salaries

Average Salary: £52,085.68

Min: £18,500.00 Max: £208,000.00

Average Arts Salary in UK: £52,085.68

The average Arts salary is £52,086. Working in Arts you can earn between £18,500 and £208,000.

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In the UK, the creative and arts industries contribute a vast amount of money to the economic worth of the country. The sector has grown over the years and now makes up over 5% of the UK economy as a whole. Over 2 million people work in creative roles with the rise in digital creative roles helping to boost these numbers further.

The arts offer many opportunities to work in specialist areas such as fashion design, film and TV, performing arts, or museum jobs and roles in art galleries.

The average salary for a career in the arts varies and is dependent on the role you choose. An artist working within an art company or independently, creating commissions for clients can earn from £20,000 and much more.

You could choose a career in graphic design with a salary of £33,100 and more as you progress through your art career.

Core responsibilities in Arts

Working in the arts will allow you to hone your craft as an artist, interior designer, or actor. Alternatively, there are many jobs in the arts that focus on management and administration.  You can work for a gallery, library, or museum within the office environment or as a guide within the venue.

As an art director for a gallery, for example, it will be your responsibility to curate artifacts, organise exhibitions and come up with creative ways to entice people to the venue.

What to expect from a career in Arts

Arts careers can look very different depending on where you choose to work. Graphic designers will work within an office environment while choosing a career in fashion, TV, or entertainment can take your work to many different places.

A flexible but reliable approach is required as work will likely be project-based and have deadlines that need to be achieved. Flexibility with work hours is also important as the work may not always be required during normal working hours.

Core Arts skills

A passion for art and some form of creative talent are an essential element to a successful career in the arts. You will need to be independent and proactive in your working approach and be prepared for the different working environments you may be required to attend, such as studios, music venues, or galleries.

Your passion for art, music, or design can be put to great use in the arts and the working hours and environment can vary from project to project, so you will need to be both adaptable and resilient.

If this sounds like you, then maybe it is time to start an exciting career in arts.

Arts Salaries by Region

Compare Arts salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £56,504.43
Eastern £56,910.24
London £54,643.38
North East £58,398.45
North West £49,848.98
Northern Ireland £35,913.83
Scotland £34,513.35
South East £50,995.32
South West £47,316.26
Wales £52,246.67
West Midlands £50,396.87
Yorkshire and the Humber £54,640.36