Construction Salaries

Average Salary: £34,855.39

Min: £20,800.00 Max: £59,999.00

Average Construction Salary in UK: £34,855.39

The average Construction salary is £34,855. Working in Construction you can earn between £20,800 and £59,999.

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A career in construction offers you the chance to work on projects of all shapes and sizes and bring new ideas to an industry that currently employs over 2 million people in the UK. A variety of skills are needed across the construction industry, so you can choose a specialty to suit your skills and find the best construction job.

The construction industry is made up of many parts so you will have a choice of roles. With everything from architecture and civil engineering roles to a career in construction management, quantity surveying jobs, and building control, you will find an exciting and varied career in the construction sector.

The average construction salary will vary depending on the type of role you take and your experience and qualifications. You can start out as a construction worker on site and earn up to £23,500. As you gain experience you can go on to become a construction site manager and expect a salary of £52,300.

You can go into a more focused field. With an architect role or career in civil engineering, you can expect your salary to be significantly higher.

Core responsibilities in Construction

Core responsibilities within a construction job can be very different depending on the specialty area you choose. Working in civil engineering and architectural design will involve creating detailed plans for projects that can vary from a single house to a whole development. Construction management jobs will have you oversee the workers, services, and supplies at a project site while working in a trade will make you responsible for a particular element of a build.

You can choose a career in quantity surveying which involves calculating the materials needed and the cost of various construction projects. A job in construction gives you the chance to learn practical skills, work in specialised fields, and work on incredible projects in the UK and abroad.

What to expect from a career in Construction

A construction career can start with an apprenticeship on a site learning a particular trade with further training to become a qualified carpenter or electrician. Working in construction management will usually see you located at a building site or multiple locations overseeing the people and materials as needed.

A career in construction design will usually take place in a design office and will involve working with CAD and other design programs to precisely map out each part of a new building project.

Core Construction skills

You should possess excellent organisational skills if you are working in construction management as there will be a lot of people coming and going. A practical skill will be ideal if you want to go into a trade and a relevant degree will be required for any of the design or construction engineering roles.

If you are looking for a career that will be different with every project, then you will find it with a career in construction.

Construction Salaries by Region

Compare Construction salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £32,315.77
Eastern £34,851.94
London £42,781.27
North East £31,702.58
North West £34,016.79
Northern Ireland £27,850.79
Scotland £33,116.40
South East £35,915.76
South West £33,215.62
Wales £31,322.06
West Midlands £33,271.49
Yorkshire and the Humber £32,557.46

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