Facilities Management Salaries

Average Salary: £21,513.30

Min: £18,138.00 Max: £37,692.00

Average Facilities Management Salary in UK: £21,513.30

The average Facilities Management salary is £21,513. Working in Facilities Management you can earn between £18,138 and £37,692.

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Facilities management is a diverse field with plenty of opportunities in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Roles include facilities management, estate management, and construction and facilities management. Opportunities exist for working with local authorities, offices, business parks, stadiums, prisons, manufacturing facilities, and education establishments.

You do not necessarily need a degree, but better opportunities exist for graduates. Degrees that are appropriate to the field include facilities management, administration, building management, hospitality, surveying, engineering, construction, and business.

The average facilities management salary is £36,300, reaching £58,800 for those who are highly-experienced. Construction and facilities management earn £38,200 on average and up to £53,500 with a proven track record. Senior and director-level positions offer significantly greater benefits.

Core responsibilities in Facilities Management

The core responsibilities include overseeing the maintenance and operation of building systems and services. You will be responsible for ensuring a suitable working environment is maintained as well as the day-to-day management of security, cleaning, health and safety, grounds maintenance, and vending.

With space management and contract management duties, you may need to prepare contract tender documents, make cost calculations and comparisons, coordinate and supervise contractors, introduce new technology, and respond to emergencies.

What to expect from a career in Facilities Management

You can work anywhere in the UK, and you should be prepared to work to tight deadlines. Sometimes you may need to work long hours or overnight, and positions can be project-based. You can expect to spend time listening to the people who use the facilities, so communication skills are vital.

Core Facilities Management skills

To be successful, you should be highly organised, be able to build relationships, make decisions, and work under pressure. Time management, flexibility, negotiating, writing, planning and coordination, and computer skills are essential.

If this sounds like you, a career in facilities management is waiting.

Facilities Management Salaries by Region

Compare Facilities Management salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £20,446.56
Eastern £21,165.81
London £26,410.30
North East £20,415.87
North West £21,078.84
Northern Ireland £19,260.99
Scotland £20,616.69
South East £21,682.08
South West £20,575.44
Wales £20,186.53
West Midlands £21,472.67
Yorkshire and the Humber £20,701.97