• By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 09 th August 2018

An Innovative Way To Find Work!

Whilst unemployment is currently at a four decade low, the job market will remain competitive and finding a way to make sure you take control of your job search and convert as many interviews as possible is imperative.

Firstly, where should your job search start?

Many people’s first point of call are recruitment agencies; candidates may often start by contacting recruiters who have helped in the past, sometimes this is enough to secure your next position.

There probably isn’t a better place than through own network. LinkedIn and other social platforms help you keep in touch with previous employees and associates – try it, the results are often fast!

Many ‘career people’ sign up for job alerts across job boards regardless of whether they are actively looking as this helps them keep abreast of opportunities in the market - according to LinkedIn research 85% of people who aren’t actively looking for work are in fact interested in learning about job openings at any given time.

By monitoring job opportunities, it helps people build a picture of what salary they should be earning, what jobs are available locally and which companies that they can potentially work for.

Possibly the best way to do this is to set up job alerts across job board aggregators, this is a competitive space and ultimately, the aggregators give you a central place to monitor jobs across the UK saving you time and making your job search easier.

With the evolvement of the aggregators products are starting to appear to help job seekers find work.


A better way?

ami, a product by Check-a-Salary is a great example. The site provides candidates an applicant management interface to help them with their job search activities.

The site is designed solely to make the job seekers life easier and does this by taking away the burden of managing hundreds of emails, from hundreds of different job boards in once place.

Whether the candidates are applying for positions via job boards, contacting companies directly or working with agencies, ami has been built to help people take control of their job search.

She helps candidates manage their applications in one place, tracks job search activity and she records interviews through to the candidate securing a position.

Working with ami enables you to unify your job alerts across the UK’s leading job boards and accesses millions of jobs from one place saving you time and making your job search simple and hassle free. 

If you haven’t signed up yet and you actively looking, it worth looking into as it is a free service and will help you streamline the process of looking for work.


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