Part-Time Jobs Around School Hours For Mums
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Wednesday 22 nd August 2018

Part-Time Jobs Around School Hours For Mums

Working part-time may be a great approach for you if you wish re-enter the workforce after having children.

Several companies want to hire a part-time working parent, with project-based, freelance and contracting part-time jobs. They want you to get back to work and find your dream job.

Below are the best part-time jobs for all the mums out there:

1) Freelance Web Designer: Working freelance is excellent for mums and especially for the creative minds. You can market your services online if you want to earn a living and you have to meet their expectations to design beautiful websites. Must know the fundamental principles of designing.


2) Uber Driver: After you drop off your child, then it is an opportunity for you to drop other people as well. You need a car and a smartphone, and you are all set to go. You can work as per your needs and requirements.

3) Online Tutor: If you have a thorough knowledge of a subject, then you can go for it. Online website hires part-time tutors to teach kids – from primary school to high school; there are a lot of children from all over the world who could use your help. Must be motivational, enthusiastic and versatile.

4) Freelance Writer: There’s a massive need for writers now, as more and more organisations desire to create a long-term business with their target audiences, and they do that by providing top quality content. It is one of the trendiest jobs, and you can choose to work at a specific time of a day. Must have excellent punctuation skills and proper grammar.

5) Fashion Blogging: If you love fashion, then you can go for this. You can do everything from styling to consulting for dominant fashion and beauty brands. Your fashion blog can turn into a regular destination for chic yet effortless-looking outfits. Must have an eye for detail, a full deal of creativity, and an understanding to get along well with a diversity of personality types.

6) Online Seller:This is one of the most common jobs. Being an online seller indicates you are in control of your time where you can work at your speed. You can sell a variety of products on your website and can make adequate money. You must have convenient exploring, accurate shipping information, suitable payment option and accessibility across devices.

7) Social Media Manager:  If you’re a techie and is good at social media, try maintaining social media accounts. Some businesses hire social media managers to develop their companies through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Compassion and Patience is the answer to a sweeping social media manager.

8) Music instructor: If you know music, you can decide to become a music instructor as and well by working part-time. Or you may want to be a music instructor at your kid’s school. Passion is essential as a music instructor.

9) Beauty Blogger: If you live, breathe and read beauty all day, every day., then this is for you. Beauty bloggers are not only gurus in their power but are continually obeying up excellent beauty advice, awesome pictures from different points of view. One must be friendly, organised, and a social media savvy.

10) Virtual Assistant: Many individual owners and administrators feel confused by the amount of work sometimes, and they look for virtual assistance to execute their tasks. If you think you have managerial skills and you are an enthusiastic assistant who could be beneficial for the clients, then you can get this kind of a job.


Part-time jobs are the next big thing; mothers are earning a reasonable sum of money by working from home. So, make sure to find an ideal position for you.


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