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  • Posted Tuesday 26 th January 2021

Sport Stars Salaries 2021

If you are wondering if success and popularity are appropriated equally in talent salaries and net worth, then we have the information you simply have to read. Here we take a look at the salaries of the biggest names in sports, their managers, and coaches.

LeBron James Salary1: £28,500,000

LeBron James has a salary of £28.5m and recently signed a four-year contract worth £112m. He is the highest-paid forward and Los Angeles Laker’s player, and he is recognised as the 6th best NBA player. He has steadily increased his salary since playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, with career earnings amassing him £225m.

Michael Jordan Salary6: £24,000,000

Michael Jordan is one of the most well-known names in sporting history. He played for the Chicago Bulls, earning a salary of £24 million for one season, a sum that was more than his teammates' total salaries that year. He is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. He is one of the most marketed athletes in the business with Nike's Air Jordans and much more. In 2014, he became the first billionaire player in NBA history with a net worth of over £1.5 billion.

Owen Farrell Salary2: £750,000

Owen Farrell had a salary of £750k. However, in 2020 he deferred 90% of this, temporarily at first but now permanently, after Saracens turned to the government for financial assistance to ensure the club's future. The professional rugby player is the England National Team captain and a patron of Joining Jack, a Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity. Owen is known for celebrating every point he scores by making a ''JJ'' sign with his fingers in a salute to this charity.

Eddie Jones Salary3: £750,000

Eddie Jones is England’s rugby coach who was earning a £750k salary before taking a pay cut as the RFU experiences a shortfall in revenue, expected to be in the ball-park of £100m over the next year. The previously highest-paid international coach in rugby has been here before, once working unpaid for three months at a struggling school in Sydney.

F1 Salaries

It is well known that an F1 driver salary can run into the millions, but how does this compare to team principles? Next, we take a look at the F1 salary payments for drivers, performance coaches, and team managers in the world’s fastest motorsport.

Daniel Ricciardo Salary4: £24,000,000

Daniel Ricciardo is a driver for the Renault Formula One team earning £24m. His debut race was at the 2011 British Grand Prix with the HRT team, and he went on to join Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing. He has amas the limits to get a pass. He calls himself a "Honey Badger," fuzzy on the outside and feisty on the inside. He has yet to secure a Championship, but with a move to McLaren in 2021, this could all change. 

Charles Leclerc Salary4:£10,000,000

Charles Leclerc is a driver for the Formula One Scuderia Ferrari team earning £10m. Rising through the racing ranks, he made his debut in Formula One with Sauber in 2018 as part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. When Leclerc qualified on pole at the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix, he became the second-youngest driver to do so in Formula One. He had his first career wins in Belgium and Italy in 2019 and won the Pole Trophy the same year, the youngest ever and first non-Mercedes driver to win. 

Christian Horner Salary5: £7,000,000

Christian Horner is the race team manager for Red Bull Racing, earning £7 million with a net worth of £36 million. He began his career as a race driver before becoming a GP2 team Arden Motorsports team principal in 1999. Christian was one of the youngest team principals when he made his move to Red Bull in 2005. The team's success continued to grow under his direction, with him bringing them four consecutive F1 Constructor's Championship wins. Christian began dating Geri Halliwell in 2014, and they later married in 2015.

Angela Cullen Salary7: £100,000

Angela Cullen is a physiotherapist and performance coach for F1 driver Lewis Hamilton earning £100k. She has worked with competitors in various sports, including British Olympic athletes, and is an avid runner and cyclist. She was assigned to Hamilton in 2016 by Hintsa Performance and has been by his side ever since. She is responsible for everything involved in his daily routine and personal logistics.

If you are looking to get into Formula 1, you will have started racing from an early age, most likely karting. You will need to demonstrate determination, success, and the ability to find and please sponsors.



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