Transportation and Logistics Salaries

Average Salary: £27,087.34

Min: £19,250.00 Max: £38,495.00

Average Transportation and Logistics Salary in UK: £27,087.34

The average Transportation and Logistics salary is £27,087. Working in Transportation and Logistics you can earn between £19,250 and £38,495.

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The logistics sector employs more than 1.7 million people across almost 200,000 companies. Between 7-8% of the UK's workforce is in a logistics or transportation-related field. There are plenty of opportunities to work in private and public companies in roles covering passenger transport, the supply chain, couriers, freight, distribution, and maritime.

Jobs are wide-ranging and include transportation and logistics clerks, coordinators, administrators, supervisors, managers, engineers, inspectors, planners, controllers, mechanics, and vehicle operators.

Large transportation companies regularly recruit graduates to work in supporting roles such as HR, IT, sales, communications, marketing, finance, and procurement.

Depending on where you start, you may need a logistics degree or a degree in economics or business. Those working in maintenance may need an engineering or electrical degree, with other roles requiring professional qualifications or a licence.

A logistics clerk's average salary is £22,900, with experienced clerks earning a maximum of £28,600 per annum.

Transportation managers earn on average £37,900, while highly experienced managers can earn £72,500, and senior managers even more.

Core responsibilities in Transportation and Logistics

Core responsibilities may include transport planning and coordination, traffic management, and organising the goods' storage and flow. You might need to analyse costs, manage budgets, liaise with customers, book sub-contractors, or talk with suppliers or manufacturers.

What to expect from a career in Transportation and Logistics

You could be spending your career in any number of working environments. You might be positioned in an office, warehouse, port, or airport. This can be a high-pressure job with strict deadlines and high workloads, so driven-individuals that don't shy away from hard work are often successful.

Long working hours may include night shifts and weekend shifts. Some roles may require you to stay away from home. Your career path can take you in a new direction at any turn, making this one of the most exciting careers in the UK. 

Core Transportation and Logistics skills

Your core skills will include a readiness to work to tight deadlines, uphold numerical and financial acumen, commercial awareness, and IT literacy. You should be highly-adaptable and thrive in customer service and communication environments. Planning roles require good geographical knowledge, planning skills, and decision making. Broadly across the industry, practical problem-solving skills are essential.

Many larger organisations offer transport-related graduate schemes to attract and support the most talented individuals from across the UK.

With such a wide range of positions, candidates can find a career that suits their skill set. So, logistics and transportation is career path anyone can consider.

Transportation and Logistics Salaries by Region

Compare Transportation and Logistics salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £26,830.12
Eastern £27,487.48
London £29,229.80
North East £24,930.16
North West £26,423.92
Northern Ireland £24,717.10
Scotland £26,833.50
South East £27,732.85
South West £26,596.65
Wales £26,533.78
West Midlands £27,155.87
Yorkshire and the Humber £26,088.72

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