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Highest Paying Jobs In Transportation

Transportation salaries reflect the specialist skills, training, and experience required to deliver and coordinate people and goods across the UK safely. If you are curious about high paying jobs in the UK, are embarking on a new career path, seeking a promotion, or making a move to a new company, being forearmed in salary expectations and trends will put you in good stead.

Here we look at the average salaries for transportation professionals in the UK. We also highlight the responsibilities and benefits that go along with each job.

Rail Project Manager

Rail Project Managers earn an average annual salary of £66,700 per year. A Rail Project Manager oversees railway station and line installations or redevelopments. Your responsibilities include ensuring the project is delivered on time and meets railway safety requirements and regulations. Negotiating contracts with suppliers and contractors, managing costs, and leveraging commercial and engineering experience are essential to succeed in this role.

To earn a high-paying Rail Project Manager job, you will need a degree, Higher National Certificate, or Higher National Diploma in a relevant discipline. Membership with a professional body such as the Association of Project Management will help you further your career.

Tube Driver

Tube Drivers earn an average annual salary of £46,200 per year. Your duties include driving the train across underground and surface tracks, ensuring passengers safely reach their destination. The work isn’t for everyone, but if you like working alone and potentially only communicating with others over the PA or radio, then the role can be rewarding.

To secure a job as a Tube Driver, you will need to undergo training, which lasts for six to twelve months, covering aspects such as safety, driving theory, and hands-on driving practice. You will also need an NVQ Level 2 in Rail Transport Operations and a Personal Track Safety Certificate.

Freight Train Driver

Freight Train Drivers earn an average annual salary of £46,200 per year. As a Freight Train Driver, you will be responsible for safely and efficiently operating freight trains, conducting preparation duties, and reporting train defects. The job may involve staying away from home and working various shift patterns, including evening and weekend hours.

To get a Freight Train Driver job, you will need your Personal Track Safety Certificate and in-depth knowledge of routes, regulations, and wagons. You can further your career with experience and move into an instructor or operations management role.

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Pilots earn an average annual salary of £50,600 per year. You will be responsible for flying single or multi-engined helicopters for tourism, business, or emergency service purposes. Your duties will include completing pre and post-flight reports, carrying out safety checks, weather checks, following flight plans, and adhering to instructions from traffic control.

To get your first Helicopter Pilot interview, you will need to be at least eighteen and hold a Civil Aviation Authority Commercial Pilot Licence. You will also need to pass a Civil Aviation Authority Medical. To further develop your career and maximise your earning potential, you could join a professional body, such as The Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

Train Driver

Train Drivers earn an average annual salary of £48,400 per year. If you are a calm and responsible person, able to stay alert, and have good reaction skills, then a Train Driver career might be for you. Your responsibilities will include conducting safety checks, driving safely and smoothly, following signal instructions, emergency procedures, and safety regulations.

Your train driving career can get underway with a train operating company, the London Underground, or Eurostar. You can enrol on an intermediate level apprenticeship, with training on the job. You will need to be eighteen or twenty-one if you want to drive on Network Rail lines.

Logistics Engineer

Logistics Engineers earn an average annual salary of £47,200 per year. They are responsible for analysing and designing solutions for transportation projects. In this role, you will work on network modelling, routing, transportation improvements, and methods analysis. You will prepare logistics solutions for your clients, so a highly analytical mind and excellent problem-solving skills are essential.

To get a Logistics Engineer job, you will need a Bachelor's degree in logistics or a related field. To earn more in this career, you can move into a specialist transport industry, such as rail, or choose to work in a consultant capacity.

Railway Engineer

Railway Engineers earn an average annual salary of £53,400 per year. The primary responsibilities in this role include inspecting infrastructure, recommending and overseeing improvement projects, and estimating costs. You can also build and fit-out new engines and carriages, including installing control panels and communication systems.

To secure a job as a Railway Engineer, you can complete an apprenticeship as a rail engineering technician or do a college course to learn the required skills. You can also work in a junior position and work towards a senior role with further training and experience.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers earn an average annual salary of £42,400 per year. In this role, you will organise the movement of goods and materials from manufacturers and suppliers to customers. Duties include working with buyers, negotiating contracts with suppliers, and planning the most effective ways of transporting goods to retailers. Monitoring performance, tracking shipments, and implementing supply chain improvements are part of the role, so excellent organisational and problem-solving skills are essential.

To successfully work as a Supply Chain Manager, you will need a degree in supply chain management or logistics. Alternatively, you can complete an apprenticeship or start in a junior role and do training courses through The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport to advance your career.

Transportation Manager

Transportation Managers earn an average annual salary of £36,900 per year. A Transportation Manager works with suppliers and clients to schedule deliveries. Duties include managing a team of drivers, planning routes, and arranging vehicle maintenance. Ensuring all activities comply with safety and company regulations and conducting performance assessments are part of this role.

As a Transport Manager, you will mainly work in an office, and with experience, you can specialise in certain types of transportation to earn more in this career. You can also move into consultancy or transport planning, giving you lots of progression options. 

If you are inspired to begin a career in transportation, you can check out all transportation salaries here.


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