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How To Find Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs exist across almost all industries and are vital for any company with a message, product, or service to promote or sell. For candidates such as yourself, this spread across business sectors will allow you to secure a career that mirrors your interests and focuses on either public relations, media, or mobile.

If your interests are broad and you thrive off of variety and change, a position in a marketing agency could be the ideal fit.

It takes dedication and commitment to find work and develop a career, and there are many things you can do to find work in marketing. You should assess the skills you will need, perfect your CV, consider available courses that present a qualification or certification, their cost, and if the study schedule is suitable.

Qualifications You Need For Working In Marketing

While many junior marketing roles are open to everyone, regardless of qualifications, you are more likely to successfully get a senior marketing job if you can demonstrate academic success. Career progression will also occur at a faster pace if you have qualifications such as:

  • Five GCSEs, including English and maths
  • One or two A Levels
  • A University Degree in marketing communications, advertising, business management, psychology, or humanities

Soft Skills To Highlight On Your CV

Your attributes and experience play as significant a role in getting you a marketing job interview as your qualifications. Top skills that recruiters are looking for include problem-solving, creativity, communication, ability to work under pressure, confidence, and teamwork.

You can ensure your CV has structure and highlights your skills and experience by adapting a CV template. You can review several examples to gain inspiration and convey three essential elements; who you are, what you offer, and your career aspirations.

Popular Jobs In Marketing

The most popular jobs in marketing include:

Graphics Designer

If you want to be a Graphics Designer, you will ideally have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or an extensive portfolio that demonstrates your skills and experience. Proficiency in using desktop publishing tools such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop will be advantageous for getting a job interview.

The Graphics Designer incorporates numerous responsibilities, including preparing artwork, planning concepts, taking feedback, and making design revisions. A natural flair for layout, structure, and style is desirable when designing illustrations, graphics, company logos, and websites.

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Digital Marketing

A career in Digital Marketing will require excellent communication skills and knowledge of social media platforms, web analytics, and marketing best practices. A digital marketing degree, qualification, or on-the-job experience will help to kick-start your career.

The aspects of Digital Marketing include creating online advertising campaigns and becoming the company's social media voice. Your employer will expect you to stay up to date with the latest trends and demonstrate the success of your marketing projects. 

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Finding a job as a Proofreader often requires qualifications such as a Bachelor’s degree in English or equivalent work experience. You should develop your skills to include expertise in Microsoft Office, research, and fact-checking.

You will enjoy working as a Proofreader if you like working to deadlines and have a keen eye for correctly using grammar and spelling. Your employer will expect you to maintain the voice and tone of the company, to ensure brand consistency.

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A Copywriter job will be easiest to secure if you can demonstrate your skills at writing original content. Although not required, a degree in communications or English will help you secure a more senior position. Creativity, strong typing skills, and receptiveness to feedback are also desirable traits.

Working as a Copywriter, your duties will include writing accurate, and well-researched content delivered ahead of set deadlines. You will need to understand your audience and be willing to formulate new ideas.

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To work as a Marketing Analyst, you will need a degree in mathematics, statistics, marketing, or social science. Any job application should demonstrate instances where you have leveraged your data interpretation skills.

An Analysts position will be fulfilling to you if you love delving into data, reports, and competitor performance. The role will include working with large amounts of numerical data, identifying trends, and creating presentations on your findings.

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Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager position is open to anyone with experience developing social media strategies and marketing plans. You will heighten your chances of finding work if you prove your understanding of graphic design principles and have previously built social media communities.

The Social Media Manager oversees and maintains the company’s online presence. They may engage with influencers, respond to comments, and coach team members on best practices.

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Marketing Assistant

If you want to find work as a Marketing Assistant, a degree in marketing or business will improve your chances. You will need outstanding verbal and written communication skills coupled with computer proficiency, organisational skills, and creativity.

If you like the idea of working as part of a team, analysing trends, and identifying growth opportunities, then the Marketing Assistant position is a good match.

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UX Designer

A UX Designer is responsible for designing, testing, and implementing software and platforms used by customers or internal teams. To find work as a UX Designer, you will need to earn a computer science or engineering degree and develop your knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and other programming languages.

Conducting research, gathering feedback, and conducting usability testing will form significant parts of your daily duties.

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Marketing Manager

The ideal CV for those applying for Marketing Manager positions will include a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in marketing or business administration. Experience with social media, strategy planning, and campaign management will also help you find work in this role.

Your responsibilities as a Marketing Manager will include maximising market share and profit, supporting sales growth, leading the marketing team, and building brand awareness. Duties can also include handling public relations, developing budgets, and ensuring a return on investments.

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Marketing Director

To secure a Marketing Director job, you will need an advanced marketing or business degree, coupled with at least ten years of experience in a similar role, such as head of marketing or marketing manager.

Critical skills to demonstrate to a potential employer include outstanding leadership, vision, and data analysis. Your day-to-day will involve executing marketing strategies, administering budgets, reviewing market changes, and identifying new opportunities.

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