Public Sector Salaries

Average Salary: £26,681.59

Min: £18,533.00 Max: £49,949.00

Average Public Sector Salary in UK: £26,681.59

The average Public Sector salary is £26,682. Working in Public Sector you can earn between £18,533 and £49,949.

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Jobs in the public sector cover a vast range of options when it comes to roles. A public service job gives you various career paths, including working in local or central government, employment in health care or social services, to working in the emergency services.

If you are looking at public service jobs, you can choose to work in the health service as a nurse or caregiver or work in the local government in a civil servant job. There are so many facets to a public service career; there is something that will suit your unique skills.

Salaries are as varied as career options. A nurse practitioner with experience can earn £39,800, and a specialty psychiatric doctor earns around £67,300.

Working in local government as a community housing offer will give you around £32,600. Choosing to go into the emergency services as a police officer will provide a salary of around £26,400.

Core responsibilities in Public Sector

Responsibilities in your public service job will vary greatly depending on the public sector you have chosen. Working for the local government can involve working in the offices handling paperwork or being a housing officer helping people find suitable homes. As a firefighter or police officer, you will be required to attend emergencies and generally assist the public.

Choosing a health service career can involve working in hospitals and being responsible for the care of patients. Whereas choosing a career in education will allow you to work with students to help them learn specific or general subjects. 

What to expect from a career in Public Sector

The demands of working in the public sector are incredibly diverse. Your career path will depend on your chosen sector. Local or central government jobs can require working in an office environment or travelling across the UK. In medical or emergency services, you will work with the local community in various situations.

Education careers will usually occur in schools, colleges, or educational centers, and social care may involve travel and demanding workloads.

A public sector career can take you in various directions, and the fact that most days are different makes this an attractive sector for many people.

Core Public Sector skills

You should have a desire to help others in your community and beyond. The public sector job you choose may require specialist training, such as a medical degree if you decide to go into the health service.

If you are looking to make a difference, a rewarding career in the public sector is ideal.

Public Sector Salaries by Region

Compare Public Sector salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £23,522.21
Eastern £26,179.27
London £36,790.81
North East £23,837.91
North West £25,699.41
Northern Ireland £25,291.19
Scotland £25,035.30
South East £25,959.76
South West £25,077.50
Wales £23,954.63
West Midlands £25,800.38
Yorkshire and the Humber £25,135.45

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