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How To Find HR Jobs

HR jobs encompass various roles and positions that cover many HR duties, such as an HR Generalist or specialise in just one, such as a Recruiter. You can find work in a small, medium, or large company, as well as in HR agencies that provide ongoing or ad-hoc services.

Candidates are always in demand, so a bright career lies ahead for those who have an interest in employee recruitment, payroll, training, and junior through to senior management and leadership

Qualifications You Need For Working In HR

If you choose to embark on or plan for a career in HR, qualifications and certifications will play a significant part in securing a job. While some junior and apprenticeship HR positions are available, a solid set of credentials are almost always preferred. 

You could start your career with A-Levels and a Diploma and study on the job for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualifications, which will help you achieve your career aspirations.

The qualifications employers are looking for include:

  • One to three A Levels
  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Human Resources
  • CIPD Level 5 Award in Human Resources
  • CIPD Level 5 Certificate in Human Resources Management 

Soft Skills To Highlight On Your CV

Stating your educational achievements is only part of the CV you will need to build, to secure an HR job. You should also highlight your skills in organisation, problem-solving, attention to detail, and communication. To increase the odds of getting a job interview, we recommend reviewing and personalising a CV template. Taking this approach will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas for creating the perfect HR CV.

Popular Jobs In HR

The most popular jobs in HR include:


To get a job as a Recruiter, you will need an HR Diploma and, in most cases, a CIPD certification. You will find opportunities in recruitment agencies and large national or international organisations. Demonstrating your skills and experience with HR software, communication, literacy, and numeracy is vital.

The Recruiter role is ideal for you if you enjoy building professional relationships, drawing up shortlists, and assessing candidates. Your duties will include setting up interviews, job advertising, and applicant matching.

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To find a job as an Interviewer, you will need HR qualifications and previous experience in HR roles. To prepare for your interview, you should consider the examples you can share when you effectively used your questioning, investigatory, accuracy, and research skills.

As an interviewer, your duties will include interviewing candidates in person, telephone, or conferencing services, such as Zoom. You will need an aptitude for spotting inaccuracies and assessing if individuals have the skills employers are searching for.

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HR Assistant

Employers prefer a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, but they will consider you for an HR Assistant position if you have at least one year of experience. You should highlight your knowledge of employment law, best practices, and HR Information Services.

HR Assistant responsibilities include compiling and updating personnel records, recruitment assistance, and organising inductions and training. If administrative tasks are your thing, then an HR Assistant job will be a good fit for you.

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HR Administrator

A Human Resources degree and at least three years of experience are the primary requisite for applying for HR Administrator jobs. You will catch the attention of recruiters if you can demonstrate your computer literacy, labour law, communication, and organisational skills.

HR Administrator duties include revising company policies, generating reports, updating personnel records, and answering employee questions. You will find success in this role if you are adept at tasks such as making travel arrangements for training events.

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Recruitment Consultant

A Recruitment Consultant typically has several years of recruiting experience coupled with an HR CIPD accreditation and degree. Completing formal courses and experience in account management will increase your odds of securing a job.

Recruitment Consultants oversee relationships with the company’s clients, arrange advertising, screen candidates, and set up interviews. If you already have a network of talent, a consultant position should be attainable.

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HR Advisor

An Human Resources degree will be a requirement for most employers looking to hire an HR Advisor. In addition to mentioning any HR qualifications, you should highlight your knowledge of HR law, HR software, research, reporting, and team leadership.

If you can rise to the challenge of becoming a resource bank on topics attaining to employee rights, workplace safety, and employee benefits, then you have the foundations of a great HR Advisor. Your duties will encompass negotiating employment terms and providing advice on policies and regulations.

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HR Director

Previous managerial and leadership experience are crucial if you want to secure an HR Director job. You will ideally possess a Human Resources degree, HR systems proficiency, and outstanding people skills.

Your responsibilities as an HR Director will include overseeing the HR department, ensuring legal compliance, motivating employees, and resolving grievances. If you are a detail-oriented individual and have a passion for assessing needs and arranging training, then an HR Director position could be for you.

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Internal Recruiter

To become an Internal Recruiter, you will need a minimum of two years of hiring experience and a degree in Human Resources or business administration. Developing your expertise in legislation, research, and interviewing will help you find work as an Internal Recruiter.

A flair for spotting talent and working closely with managers and team leaders is essential for successful Internal Recruiters. If this sounds like you and you have a genuine interest in personal and professional development, you should start applying for vacancies.

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HR Manager

With managerial experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, you are ideally positioned for HR Manager consideration. To find work, you should focus on promoting your leadership, problem-solving, and negotiation skills.

As an HR Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing HR initiatives and strategies. It would be best if you enjoyed supervising the activities of a team, promoting company values, and have an excellent grasp of labour laws.

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HR Business Partner

To secure an HR Business Partner job, you will need to complete an HR degree and have comprehensive expertise in HR software and employment law.

As an HR Business Partner, you will help your company align its staffing strategies with the business goals, support recruitment, provide advice on HR policies, and help the management team spot coaching and training needs. If you have outstanding people management skills and a knack for resolving manager or employee issues, you will find an HR Business Partner job rewarding.

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