Customer Services Salaries

Average Salary: £24,272.30

Min: £10,647.00 Max: £37,498.00

Average Customer Services Salary in UK: £24,272.30

The average Customer Services salary is £24,272.
Working in Customer Services you can earn between £10,647 and £37,498.
The starting salary for junior Customer Services jobs is £10,647.
The hourly pay range for Customer Services jobs is £5.12 to £18.03.

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You do not need a degree at an entry-level unless you choose a highly-technical field, such as working in scientific research. The average customer service clerk will earn £23,100 per year and up to £27,000 as they build skills and experience. A customer service manager has an average salary of £26,000, with highly experienced or qualified managers earning £41,700 or more.

You do not need a degree at an entry-level unless you choose a highly-technical field, such as working in scientific research. The average customer service clerk will earn £23,100 per year and up to £27,000 as they build skills and experience. A customer service manager has an average salary of £26,000, with highly experienced or qualified managers earning £41,700 or more.

Core responsibilities in Customer Services

Your responsibilities will include listening to the customer’s questions and providing accurate answers. You will spend time resolving complaints and straightforwardly providing product or service information.

You may be responsible for hitting sales and retention targets or be required to take payments, arrange returns, process refunds, and create customer contracts. You will also need to judge when it is appropriate to refer customers to supervisors or other departments.

Core Customer Services skills

Core customer service skills include being an active listener and having patience and empathy. Communication skills are essential, and you should be able to resolve conflicts. You will be proficient in speaking to people face-to-face or over the telephone, possess computer skills, work under pressure, be persuasive, and be ready to help others.

If you have a passion for helping people and working to targets, a role in customer service could be for you.

What to expect from a career in Customer Services

You will start your customer service career by gaining on-the-job product skills and awareness. As your career progresses, you may become a team leader and, eventually, a whole department manager.

Some companies allow or require you to work remotely, and people who desire to travel often find this attractive. Your career might see you become a specialist or technical expert, with opportunities to earn more significant salaries. 

Customer service never stops, so a varied work schedule could be part of your job.

Customer Services Jobs: Your Prospects

The job prospects for a customer service representative or customer support office in the United Kingdom are excellent, as top companies continue to adopt a human-first mindset to managing customer interactions. UK employers have realised that customer support is at its best when people communicate with real operatives. As the strengths of customer service representatives are appreciated, the job market reflects this, offering more opportunities and better salaries.

Where is the highest availability of customer service representative jobs in England and Scotland?

This year, the highest availability of customer service representative jobs in the country are located in London. Outside of London, major cities in England such as Reading, Birmingham, Swindon, and Bristol, have a high number of opportunities. In Scotland, Edinburgh is a top location to find work and advance within the customer service representatives industry.

How to Secure Your First Customer Service Representative Job

We recommend that you register for job alerts from the leading job sites. A job alert will ensure you learn about about new customer service representative jobs ahead of other candidates. You can sign up for job alerts on this page or search for jobs already open in your location.

Submit your email to receive alerts or enter your desired job title and location in the form above, and click search to view a report of all open customer service representative jobs in our database and on other sites.

How to Get A Better Than Average Customer Service Salary

You should expect to get an average salary if this is your first year you are working as a customer service representative. To ensure you get fair salary compensation or an above average salary, emphasise the abilities that you have that employers are seeking. For customer service representative roles, these include being able to follow procedures and adhere to strict policies.

If you have an existing track record in the role, or a similar role, you should aim to get an above average salary.

Leverage your CV to get a higher salary in your location

Most job seekers find it helpful to use a customer services CV template to ensure they promote every relevant ability that the company will be looking for. You can identify these by reading the job description and visiting the career page of the business. You should include your education, work experience, and essential information, such as contact details and a personal introduction. Carefully review your CV before you submit it to the company. It can be helpful to get someone you trust to view your CV and provide feedback.

Getting the best salaries this year in England

The best salaries in England are often acquired by employees who communicate well, can work under pressure, and have good customer service software knowledge. Employers are also searching for employees who can work on a temporary or part-time basis.

Why it is helpful to know average salaries

The most critical information to know if you are aiming for the highest salary are average salaries for the position in the location of the business. We provide this salary data as a whole for the UK, London, and other major cities. This year, salaries are increasing, so it is helpful to have this information when it comes to salary negotiations.

Customer Services Salaries FAQs

If you are looking to work as a customer service representative in the United Kingdom and have questions about how much does a customer service representative earn, we provide the helpful information and answers you seek.

Do customer service jobs pay well?

Our salary data shows that customer service representatives can earn good pay and receive excellent benefits, such as paid holidays. You will earn more as a customer service representative if your education is at a degree-level. Customer service representative leaders earn the highest salary each year, based on where in the United Kingdom they work. In England, those based in London, Reading, and Birmingham earn higher than average salaries. In Scotland, the best paid employees are located in Edinburgh. You can search for a customer service representative Job on this page

How much do customer service managers make?

If you are wondering how much does a customer service manager earn, our information indicates that the average compensation is above £26,000 per year. The salaries vary for each location in England and the United Kingdom, with additional qualifications, such as a degree or high school diploma lifting the average salary further.

What is the highest paying service job?

Our salary information for this year suggest that a customer service representative working in HR Services, Science, or Accounting earn the highest salaries in England. You can search for the average salary for different customer service representative jobs, from junior positions to leadership roles.

Is customer service a good career?

If you have the right mindset you will find a career as a customer service representative rewarding. Your role and responsibilities might include meeting or talking to customers or visitors on the phone or in-person, asking for their consent to contact them in the future, cross-selling products and services to meet monthly and year-end sales targets, updating company created databases, attending workshops, solving users problems, and providing helpful tips and information. You should be prepared to search and view information on a computer screen, enter information into forms, send issues through escalation procedures, and alert customers of promotions and offers.

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Customer Services Salaries by Region

Compare Customer Services salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £23,618.18
Eastern £24,644.49
Isle of Man £20,106.50
London £29,807.38
North East £21,503.82
North West £23,340.75
Northern Ireland £20,683.15
Scotland £22,551.38
South East £24,779.56
South West £23,546.63
Wales £22,944.50
West Midlands £23,377.48
Yorkshire and the Humber £22,516.67

Top Paying Locations for Customer Services Jobs in the UK

The average salary for Customer Services professionals in the United Kingdom is significantly influenced by location. The general region and area will affect your base salary in Customer Services jobs. However, you are not alone if relocating is not something you want to consider, and it doesn't mean that you can't make a higher income.

For example, you could choose to work for a Customer Services business that is city-based. While London leads the way, working for employers located in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Reading, Leeds, and Cardiff will help you earn higher wages per year, compared to companies situated in smaller villages and towns.

Customer Services Professional Development

The answer to 'how much do Customer Services professionals earn?' can only be answered by considering where along the career path the individual and job title sit. The total year's experience in the Customer Services sector will change what the employer is prepared to offer. An entry-level Customer Services salary will be the lowest, followed by fully qualified workers, senior-level staff, and management.

While you can expect a starting salary for Customer Services workers to be at the bottom of the pay scale, graduates with a relevant qualification have a higher worth, commanding a better starting salary. UK training opportunities are plentiful, so even if attaining a university degree is out of the question, increasing your skills through workshops and online courses will help you raise the money you can earn a year in your chosen role.

How much are Customer Services professionals paid? Our data and graphs give you guidance on the wage range and earning per annum for junior, intermediate, and senior roles. 

Customer Services Work Experience

Gaining Customer Services pre-entry work experience can be crucial in helping you secure employment and a decent rate per hour. Work placements, internships, apprenticeships, shadowing, and vacation work can all help you gain the experience you need. If you cannot find work experience in the Customer Services industry, you might be able to show potential employers that you have acquired transferable skills elsewhere.

Customer Services Working Hours

As with all business sectors, the working hours in Customer Services will affect what you earned during the month. Small, medium, and larger firms may pay a higher overtime rate or offer more money if you work unsociable hours, such as evenings, nights, weekends, and national holidays.

Salaries of part-time, full-time, permanent, temporary, and contract staff all differ and will affect your decision on whether you are earning fair compensation.

Customer Services Salary Negotiations

Before you enter salary negotiations with employers, hiring managers, or the head of HR, it pays to get prepared. Compare the salaries for the Customer Services sector on this page to help determine what you are worth. You can perform a salary search for different job titles and locations.

It is worth remembering that you can profit from more than just financial benefits and performance-related commission. Is a high salary in the UK worth more than the freedom to work from home, have more paid holiday, a gym membership, or have private healthcare benefits?

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