Healthcare Salaries

Average Salary: £32,630.16

Min: £18,720.00 Max: £57,489.00

Average Healthcare Salary in UK: £32,630.16

The average Healthcare salary is £32,630. Working in Healthcare you can earn between £18,720 and £57,489.

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A healthcare career gives you the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. Almost 2 million people work in the UK healthcare sector, including NHS jobs and working in private medical care. A variety of skills and qualifications can help a career in healthcare, so you can find a speciality healthcare job or general medical job to suit your skills.

The healthcare industry has many career path choices so you will find a variety of roles in this sector. With everything from nurse practitioner jobs and doctor placements to hospital manager roles and speciality areas in psychiatry and surgical medicine, a healthcare job has a lot to offer.

The average healthcare salary will vary depending on the type of role you take and the job qualifications. A nurse practitioner with some experience can expect a salary of around £39,800 while a general practitioner doctor can expect to earn over £130,000

Administration and other roles will have a salary based on your responsibilities and experience within the field. The average salary for an experienced hospital manager can be around £48,000.

Core responsibilities in Healthcare

Core responsibilities in a healthcare job will depend on the type of role you take. You will likely work within a hospital, healthcare facility, or medical centre. You will be responsible for looking after patients and attending to their needs while they are in your care.

You may choose a management or administration role in the healthcare sector; in this case, you may be responsible for people management and office duties within your chosen workplace. Healthcare roles can be either for the NHS or private sector, so whichever route you go, you will have lots of choices when it comes to where you work.

What to expect from a career in Healthcare

A healthcare career takes many forms, and you may find yourself working in a hospital, providing home care, or working in a laboratory. You will need the relevant qualifications for your chosen area, and you can find a whole range of healthcare graduate jobs. You will be working with many different people and may work in one place or travel as part of your job.

A career in healthcare can be demanding and may include working long and unsociable hours. The rewarding nature of the job and the fact that you are making a valuable difference more than compensate.

Core Healthcare skills

If you choose a career in healthcare, then you are already someone that wants to help others. A good work ethic and organisational skills will help you deal with some healthcare jobs’ demanding nature. You will need relevant medical qualifications and specialist training, and degrees for specific medical roles.

If you are looking for a career that helps make a real and valuable difference, you will find it with a healthcare career.

Healthcare Salaries by Region

Compare Healthcare salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £30,574.77
Eastern £31,424.30
Isle of Man £35,360.00
London £38,196.86
North East £30,217.65
North West £31,851.69
Northern Ireland £35,290.13
Scotland £32,910.12
South East £32,417.45
South West £30,724.40
Wales £33,819.40
West Midlands £32,063.03
Yorkshire and the Humber £30,382.35

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