Retail Salaries

Average Salary: £21,419.53

Min: £18,116.00 Max: £31,493.00

Average Retail Salary in UK: £21,419.53

The average Retail salary is £21,420. Working in Retail you can earn between £18,116 and £31,493.

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With over 3 million people working in the retail industry, there are many opportunities within the retail sector to find your perfect job. Retail jobs cover everything from health and beauty, fashion, food, general merchandise, homeware, and more.

You can choose to specialise within the sector with a career in retail management, retail buyers roles, or a visual merchandising career.

The average retail salary varies according to the position you choose and how much experience you have in the field. Starting out as a retail salesperson is an excellent way of getting an overall view of the business and will give you a salary of up to £21,400

You can develop your skills and gain experience to earn a management position. Retail store management positions offer a salary of around £22,000. Depending on the company you work for and the responsibilities you have, you can earn significantly more.

Core responsibilities in Retail

Typically, a retail role will be within a retail space such as a high street shop or shopping centre. Some roles also work within the office and administration for retail businesses or at the warehouse or distribution centre. You will be responsible for generating sales and helping your retail organisation maximise profits.

A retail management position will include people management responsibilities as well as the stock management and financial reporting for the retail outlet you are managing.

What to expect from a career in Retail

Careers in retail can vary and your day-to-day routine will depend on the type of retail job you have chosen. Many roles are based in a retail space and will require you to serve customers while managing stock levels and organising staff. Working in retail buying can involve a lot of travel or you may be based at a head office.

Being able to adapt to any situation and having a knack for working with people and wanting to help others, is a great trait to have in the retail industry. You will likely work closely with colleagues in a small team or you can be part of a larger organisation with multiple locations.

Core Retail skills

You should possess great people skills as you will be helping the public in retail settings or working with various people across retail outlets. A flexible approach is essential as there may be some occasions when you will need to do unsociable hours, such as shifts or weekends.

A great head for numbers, organisational skills, and a passion for achieving results will suit a career in this sector, whether you are in sales, management, buying, or visual merchandising.

If this sounds like you, then it is time to embark on a career in retail.

Retail Salaries by Region

Compare Retail salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £21,011.58
Eastern £21,598.10
London £24,655.11
North East £20,680.25
North West £21,020.23
Northern Ireland £20,081.53
Scotland £20,355.48
South East £21,745.88
South West £21,044.87
Wales £20,703.31
West Midlands £21,105.87
Yorkshire and the Humber £20,924.56