Education Salaries

Average Salary: £27,358.70

Min: £17,516.00 Max: £44,847.00

Average Education Salary in UK: £27,358.70

The average Education salary is £27,359. Working in Education you can earn between £17,516 and £44,847.

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An education career is rewarding, and every day will be different when you choose a career in teaching. Over half a million teachers in the UK work in different schools such as primary schools and special schools. The education sector has more roles than teaching with administration, management, and various other jobs in education.

Education jobs can cover many things, such as teaching various subjects or working in the running of an educational institution. 

The average teaching salary will vary depending on your level of experience, qualifications, and school you choose. A primary school teacher with some experience can expect a salary of around £32,700. As you work your way up, you could get a headteacher job and earn much more. Working within the private education sector can also attract higher rates of pay. 

Core responsibilities in Education

Core responsibilities within a teaching job will usually involve planning and implementing lesson strategies to help students understand the educational material. As a teacher, you will have a varied workday and work with different classes and children of different ages depending on the school you choose.

You can also find other jobs within the educational sector that don’t involve teaching. Schools and other academic centres require people for administration roles and maintenance. If you want to work in social care, you can choose a job as a school social worker, or if you are medically trained, you can become a school nurse practitioner.

What to expect from a career in Education

An education career will usually take place in a school, college, or other education provider location. As a teacher, you will have a workday that will be varied with different classes, students, and activities, including planning lessons. It is a rewarding career that helps you work with children to develop their understanding of various subjects.

Working as a school receptionist or other school administration jobs will require working in an office environment and handling the school office’s daily tasks.

Core Education skills

You should have a passion for making a difference and have confidence as you will be working with students of all ages and backgrounds. A teaching degree will be required, and you will need a specialist degree when teaching certain subjects such as science.

If you are looking for a rewarding job that is fun and varied, then it’s time to get into your education career.

Education Salaries by Region

Compare Education salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £26,294.47
Eastern £27,530.41
London £28,540.94
North East £26,716.16
North West £25,297.89
Northern Ireland £28,235.95
Scotland £32,015.28
South East £26,360.36
South West £25,885.90
Wales £27,033.73
West Midlands £26,896.96
Yorkshire and the Humber £27,705.19

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