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  • Posted Sunday 17 th October 2021

Highest Paying Jobs In Retail

Retail salaries are not necessarily the highest of all sectors but this does not mean that you won’t find high paying jobs in the UK. Management and consultation-based roles pay well, along with roles requiring specialist skills or qualifications.

Here we look at the average salaries for retail jobs in the UK and highlight the benefits and responsibilities that each position provides.


Locksmiths earn an average annual salary of £55,600 per year. Your duties as a Locksmith will include clarifying the identity of clients, gaining access to premises with damaged locks or lost keys, and servicing and installing a range of locks, potentially on homes, businesses, and vehicles.

You can enter a career without qualifications in an apprenticeship position. You will need a full UK driving license to attend commercial and residential premises, and a security background check will be conducted.

Wholesale Manager

Wholesale Managers earn an average annual salary of £41,300 per year. Your responsibilities will include overseeing a sales team and implementing strategies to ensure sales and business growth. Three significant parts of the role include managing staff, control expenditure, and building sales.

You can move into a Wholesale Manager position without qualifications if you have relevant leadership, sales, finance, or business administration experience. The job is found rewarding by individuals who can make quick decisions, motivate a team, solve problems, and prioritise tasks.

Furniture Arranger

Furniture Arrangers earn an average annual salary of £40,600 per year. As a Furniture Arranger, your duties will include planning, designing, and furnishing internal spaces in homes, offices, or retail units. You will ultimately be responsible for ensuring the physical layout facilitates the purpose and aesthetic aspirations of the room.

Depending on the role's focus, a degree in interior design, building, and construction, psychology, or similar will set you up for a successful career that maximises your earning potential.

Business Travel Consultant

Business Travel Consultants earn an average annual salary of £35,200 per year. The role of Business Travel Consultant is exciting with few days looking the same. Your duties will include making all travel arrangements for company executives or clients, covering flights, accommodation, and itinerary planning.

A travel agent, tourism, hospitality, or language degree or certification will help you secure a Business Travel Consultant job. Comprehensive business, geography, and planning knowledge could put you ahead of your competition and guarantee you a high-paying position.

Branch Manager

Branch Managers earn an average annual salary of £36,300 per year. Working for a bank or building society, a Branch Manager oversees operational activities, including staff hiring and training, legal compliance, customer satisfaction, security, meeting sales goals, and setting financial objectives.

A business administration degree may secure you the position of Branch Manager. However, most successful candidates have previously earned a CAIA, CFA, CISI, ICA, or CQF certified qualification. Preferential borrowing rates and other financial benefits are often a perk of the job.

Retail Manager

Retail Managers earn an average annual salary of £35,500 per year. Many professionals love working as Retail Managers because they work with products or services that hold personal interest. The responsibilities of a Retail Manager include motivating staff to achieve sales targets, ensuring stock accuracy, analysing performance, monitoring competitors, handling complaints, and organising point of sale marketing.

Working in an office, industrial unit, or shop, you can work your way up the career ladder. Alternatively, a business retail management or retail marketing degree will qualify you for job interviews.

Store Manager

Store Managers earn an average annual salary of £34,300 per year. They have many of the responsibilities of small business owners, overseeing staff development, sales & customer satisfaction strategies, maintaining visual standards, hitting KPI targets, and motivating store employees.

Most organisations prefer supervisory or managerial experience, but recruiters will consider individuals with a business administration or similar degree. To succeed in the role, you will need to have the drive to hit targets and the diplomacy to resolve customer complaints or staff grievances.

Personal Shopper

Personal Shoppers earn an average annual salary of £25,000 per year. They have outstanding interpersonal skills and meet with customers to identify their likes and dislikes. Your responsibilities will include selecting appropriate products or clothing, hitting sales targets, and keeping up-to-date customer records.

A Personal Shopper with the right experience and qualifications will command the highest salary. A degree or diploma in fashion, retail skills, or customer service will help your career progress. Work history, including sales or customer service, will help you secure a job interview.

Assistant Buyer

Assistant Buyers earn an average annual salary of £30,900 per year. The duties of an Assistant Buyer include creating and tracking purchase orders, evaluating the product line as a whole to ensure an appropriate mix, and negotiating with suppliers. 

If you enjoy building professional relationships, getting the best price, and working with budgets and forecasts, then an Assistant Buyer position will be rewarding. An economics, business, or marketing degree can help you get your foot in the door of your dream employer.

Supermarket Manager

Supermarket Managers earn an average annual salary of £30,500 per year. A Supermarket Manager is in charge of many moving parts, from recruiting permanent, temporary, and seasonal staff to managing the inventory and ensuring health and safety. Your responsibilities will include setting financial budgets, achieving sales and growth, and enforcing company policies.

Previous experience and a marketing or retail management degree will put you in an excellent position to get your first Supermarket Manager job. This role will be fulfilling if your skills toolkit includes effective communication, organisation, leadership, and commerce awareness.
If you are inspired to begin a career in retail, you can check out all retail salaries here.


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