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High Paid Jobs In IT

As businesses, organisations, and people become ever more dependent and reliant on connected technologies, the demand for IT professionals increases, along with salary expectations. The highest-paid IT professionals work onsite or remotely and command the highest salaries when they specialise in a business sector, gain experience and enter managerial roles, or become freelancers or self-employed consultants.

IT roles are extraordinarily diverse and include system analysts, administrators, software engineers, video game designers, and computer programmers. As an IT professional, you will find the highest-paid jobs in business sectors such as accounting, media, recruitment, support services, manufacturing, and science.

Compare the best paid IT salaries to other high paid jobs.

The Fifteen Highest Paying Jobs In IT

1. AIX Administrator

An AIX administrator has an average salary of £93,400 per year in the UK. An AIX administrator is tasked with installing and maintaining AIX operating systems. The position is ideal for those passionate about developing security and management procedures for upgrading and maintaining AIX infrastructure. Working as an AIX administrator, you might work alone or as part of a team, performing backups of system data and implementing retrieval techniques.

You can maximise your salary and earning potential by gaining in-role experience, specialising with finance, energy, or technology companies, or moving into a managerial position or becoming a consultant.

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2. IT Director

An IT director has an average salary of £95,000 per year in the UK. IT directors are responsible for the overall day-to-day management of the IT infrastructure in a company. They will manage an IT team as they take on and execute technical projects and ensure systems are functional and efficiently meet business needs. IT directors earn the highest salaries with companies based in the South West, London, and Wales. After London, IT directors make the most in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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3. Sybase Database Administrator

A Sybase database administrator has an average salary of £89,400 per year in the UK. A Sybase database administrator provides production support for transactional servers running the Sybase management software. Their duties include monitoring performance, managing information, data backup and recovery, and database maintenance. They may be responsible for database design, reviewing and enhancing Sybase code, data migration, and troubleshooting. Sybase database administrators aged between 35-50 make the most.

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4. Database Architect

A database architect has an average salary of £86,600 per year in the UK. Database architects build and maintain an organisation’s database. They work with analysts and database administrators to identify structural and installation solutions and ensure secure and efficient access to company data. They may be tasked with evaluating requirements, preparing design reports, and creating database solutions. Large tech companies pay the highest salaries, and you can earn more by working as a freelance consultant.

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5. SAP Architect

An SAP architect has an average salary of £81,500 per year in the UK. An SAP architect analyses the technical requirements and information used by a business to create an architectural blueprint that sets out solutions for achieving the organisation’s complex objectives. They manage the lifecycle of SAP ecosystems, determine the SAP strategic direction, and document application architecture, working with information security, enterprise, infrastructure, and application teams. 

Top paying SAP architect jobs are found in London, Leicester, Reading, and Nottingham. You will earn more if you work for a company in the accounting, manufacturing, finance, or media sectors.

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6. Scala Software Developer

A Scala software developer has an average salary of £88,300 per year in the UK. Scala software developers design, develop, and test technical solutions and enterprise application elements. They have a high level of expertise and experience working with the Scala programming language and typically work for an IT company or within an organisation's IT department. Scala software developer careers usually progress into senior management or directorship positions. However, high salaries are earned by freelancers or those who set up a development agency.

The highest paying Scala positions are found in Yorkshire and the Humber, London, and Scotland.

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7. Oracle Architect

An Oracle architect has an average salary of £80,400 per year in the UK. An Oracle architect plans, tests, and implements Oracle EBS solutions. Their primary role is to create and develop systems that aid the strategic, financial, operational, and security needs of a company. Oracle architects often act as a liaison between business managers, IT execution teams, and business users. You can earn more by gaining experience and moving into a director or senior IT manager role.

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8. Enterprise Architect

An Enterprise architect has an average salary of £86,300 per year in the UK. Enterprise architects perform the role of ensuring a company’s goals can be met through the alignment of business technology systems. They research the latest technology trends and introduce strategies that improve the efficiency of business procedures. High paid Enterprise architect roles are found in London, Yorkshire and the Humber, and Northern Ireland. Businesses operating in manufacturing pay the highest salaries, followed by support services, finance, recruitment, and technology.

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9. Firewall Engineer

A firewall engineer has an average salary of £79,100 per year in the UK. A firewall engineer is tasked with designing, building, implementing, and maintaining IT and security systems. Their focus is hardware firewalls that protect a business’s information and processes. Firewall engineers earn the highest salaries in London and when they are 40-50 years of age.

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10. SAP Business Analyst

An SAP business analyst has an average salary of £72,300 per year in the UK. SAP business analysts configure Systems Applications and Products using business process experience and knowledge. They customise programs to meet their company's goals and usually work alone or with a team that provides technical support and training.

SAP business analysts make more if they work for a company based in Leeds, the South West, or London. High-paying business sectors include healthcare and manufacturing.

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11. Application Architect

An application architect has an average salary of £82,800 per year in the UK. Application architects design, develop, implement, and test software applications to meet business requirements. They also provide user interface training and support and work on the entire design process, alone or as part of a team. London, Edinburg, Reading, and Coventry jobs pay the most with high-paid jobs in business sectors such as accounting, manufacturing, or media.

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12. Security Architect

A security architect has an average salary of £84,000 per year in the UK. Security architects are responsible for reviewing a system's security measures and recommend improvements. A security architect will plan disaster recovery procedures, investigate security breaches, and handle the system security of the business. Large organisations and international companies pay the highest salaries. Security architects working for media and manufacturing firms command the highest salaries.

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13. Hadoop Developer

A Hadoop developer has an average salary of £81,400 per year in the UK. Hadoop developers work with the framework of cluster systems and large data storage systems. Dealing with big data, Hadoop developers are responsible for the security, programming, design, and maintenance of storage applications, and their career path can lead them towards a senior management role. Telecoms, security, and energy companies pay the highest salaries, including those situated in Cardiff and London.

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14. Computer Programme Manager

A computer programme manager has an average salary of £76,500 per year in the UK. A computer programme manager is responsible for ensuring programmes meet the business goals and technical requirements. They oversee computer programme strategies, considering how they will achieve business targets. Consultants and those working for large tech companies earn more, with high-paid jobs in London, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

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15. IT Security Manager

An IT security manager has an average salary of £74,800 per year in the UK. IT security managers work closely with security engineers, development teams, and IT directors. They oversee business systems with responsibility for risk management, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity. Their duties include identifying current and anticipated future security breaches.

High-paid IT security manager jobs are found in London, the North West, and South East. They earn more working for companies in business sectors such as manufacturing, recruitment, media, and technology.

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