Human Resources (HR) Salaries

Average Salary: £28,138.78

Min: £18,928.00 Max: £49,998.00

Average Human Resources (HR) Salary in UK: £28,138.78

The average Human Resources (HR) salary is £28,139. Working in Human Resources (HR) you can earn between £18,928 and £49,998.

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Whilst only accounting for around 1% of the workforce in the UK, Human Resource (HR) professionals are an essential & integral part of any organisation.

The term HR (Human Resources) encompasses a huge range of more specific job roles and skillsets. Depending on the size of the company, there may be a small team (or just one person!) of generalist HR Officers, who will deal with the day to day hiring, managing, payroll, performance, and training of the workforce. 

Whilst it’s a highly competitive industry, once you have specific HR qualifications, and some experience under your belt, you can expect a salary of around £28,800.

Many people who start work in HR choose to specialise in a specific field, and HR certainly offers many varied specialisms, such as employment law, training & development or payroll & pensions, to name but a few. 

Specialising in a particular area will, in time, often lead to a higher salary as you become more experienced in your chosen field.

Experienced HR Directors can expect to earn circa £80,000, but there really is no ceiling once you reach this high level of management. 

Core responsibilities in Human Resources (HR)

In these roles, the HR Officer will need a huge array of skills and attributes and do various jobs over course of an average working day. 

Of course, many small to medium-sized companies will also have HR requirements and many of these companies choose to outsource their HR needs to dedicated HR outsourcing companies, which will deal with recruitment, payroll, and pensions, etc. There are therefore lots of opportunities for HR professionals and graduates in these organisations.

What to expect from a career in Human Resources (HR)

The world of HR offers a really interesting and varied career, with lots of opportunities to move up the career ladder. 

You will usually be working with a wide variety of people, so having good people skills, good listening skills & plenty of patience are all essential to the job. You will also be expected to perform a wide variety of tasks, so being adaptable and able to think of your feet, are also critical skills to possess.

Core Human Resources (HR) skills

This type of generalist role will usually require a degree and many large companies offer an HR Graduate Programme. Further training is normally part of the programme, and graduates will usually work towards a CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) qualification. 

If this sounds like you, then HR is certainly worth investigating. 

Human Resources (HR) Salaries by Region

Compare Human Resources (HR) salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £25,522.21
Eastern £26,971.41
London £36,532.36
North East £24,253.41
North West £26,946.61
Northern Ireland £24,730.66
Scotland £25,633.25
South East £27,850.79
South West £25,989.09
Wales £25,265.64
West Midlands £27,116.14
Yorkshire and the Humber £25,916.63